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Would You Like To Live To Be 100?

Would You Like To Live To Be 100?

Would you like to live to be 100? And not just any 100 – but a vibrant, engaged, contributing 100? 

Well, it looks like some of the secrets of how to do this may have possibly been found.

In a TED Talk given by Dan Buettner on How To Live To Be 100, he shares how researchers located what they called ‘Blue Zones’ – geographical locations where the population’s longevity was much higher than the world’s average and they tried to discover what exactly made these groups of people different.

Here are some of the the highlights of what they discovered;

  • The elders were constantly moving and it wasn’t in forms of planned exercise but just in life in general. For example many had gardens or would sit and stand frequently or if they did actually do exercise it was doing things they enjoyed such as walking.
  • They had the right outlook. Their view on life was very positive.
  • They had a sense of purpose – a reason for being. They all knew why they were alive.
  • They ate wisely. Many of the groups ate mainly plant based diets and would limit the amount that they ate.
  • They were connected. They were connected with loved ones, belonged to a community and belonged to the ‘right tribe’ (others who also had similar healthy behaviors)

What I also admired was that in most of these examples, aging was something that was revered. It was something that was valued by the family and community and I am sure that this had to contribute to the mental health and well being of the elders.

Here is Ted Buettner’s TED Talk.

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