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Want To Be Happier – Look Inside Not Out

Want To Be Happier – Look Inside Not Out

In Canada, we tend to be a pretty happy group.

Based on a global world happiness survey, Canada ranked 6th in the world – just behind Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Poland.

That’s pretty impressive.

But do you sometimes still feel like you might be happier if you could just achieve or acquire that next thing?

In a TED Talk given by Shawn Achor, he shared some interesting research on happiness and basically turned our view of how to find happiness inside out.

Shawn stated that the lens that we view the world with shapes our current beliefs and that often we believe that our external world is predictive of our happiness.

In fact, this is only 10% true and it’s actually 90% of the way our brain actually processes the external world is what contributes to our happiness.

Shawn also shared an example of how we believe that working harder will bring us more success and in turn increased happiness.

He said that this also isn’t true because we keep constantly changing our target of how we define success and it results in us never actually achieving the happiness we are searching for.

He added that if we focused on raising our positivity in the present moment, we would then experience a ‘happiness advantage’ and in turn increase our intelligence, creativity and energy plus experience a number of other positive results.

Shawn ended his talk with sharing a way that you we can rewire our brains in 21 days to help us discover this happiness advantage. 

Here is Shawn Achor’s TED Talk. His fast pace and humour makes it very entertaining to watch… hope you enjoy it.

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