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Trending Topics Talk – Communes, Nutrition and Robo-Advisors

Trending Topics Talk – Communes, Nutrition and Robo-Advisors

By Susan Williams

This week I am joined by Joe Casey from Retirement Wisdom and Mike Drak from Victory Lap Retirement. We chatted about some of the new research and trends in the media that would possibly be of interest to baby boomers.

Here is our discussion;

These are some of the highlights of the topics we chatted about;

Commune Living – Should We Have a Revival?

Social ties could preserve memory and slow braing aging. Some new research from The Ohio State University found that mice housed in groups had better memories and healthier brains than animals that lived in pairs. So, could possibly living in communes actually be good for us as we age or are there some other things we could also do to gain these benefits?

The Sad and Disturbing Truth About Your Diet After You Retire

In an article in MarketWatch, they shared a sobering new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research discovered that the average male, upon retirement, experiences a dramatic reduction in nutrition intake. Total caloric intake, for example; it falls by an average of 19% compared to what it was prior to retirement and protein intake fell by 17%.

We talked about what may be some of the causes of this along with what we think might help improve this situation.

Disruption in the Financial Industry: Robo-Advisors

Artificial intelligence is changing the world of retirement planning. One of the hottest trends to emerge in this area in recent years is the use of robo-advisors. These are software programs that use the data supplied by clients to create and automatically manage their investment portfolios. They’re gaining in popularity, but are they better than human advisors?

This week we explore what is a robo-advisor and whether any of us are or plan on using them in the future.

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Susan Williams is the Founder of Booming Encore. Being a Boomer herself, Susan loves to discover and share ways to live life to the fullest. She shares her experiences, observations and opinions on living life after 50 and tries to embrace Booming Encore's philosophy of making sure every day matters.