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Similar Traits At The Heart of Success

Similar Traits At The Heart of Success

What makes some people more successful than others?

Is it their background? Their education? Their drive? Or just luck??

Well, as it turns out there are some similarities that successful people share.

Over the course of 10 years, Richard St. John conducted interviews with over 500 successful people and discovered there were some common traits that these individuals had.

He presented his findings in the following TED Talk;

Here are the highlights of what he discovered.

After sorting and analyzing all the data from all the interviews, these were the 8 traits that he found were similar and at the heart of success for these individuals;

  1. Love what you do
  2. Work really hard
  3. Focus on one thing
  4. Push yourself forward
  5. Come up with really good ideas
  6. Keep improving yourself and what you do
  7. Serve others something of value
  8. Persist… because there is no overnight success

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