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Top Walking Mistakes

Top Walking Mistakes

By Erin Billowits  

We all know how good walking is for our health however there are a few common mistakes that people make when they walk that can cause a greater chance of injury and falls.

Slapping Feet: Do you have a friend that you can hear coming because of the slapping noise their feet make when they walk? This noise is often cause by walking flat-footed as opposed to rolling from the heel of the foot to the toe when walking.  Long term “slapping feet” can cause shin splints.

Shuffling:  Many of my older clients are worried about falling so shuffle their feet  (with both feet on the ground) instead of lifting their feet up when they walk.   This causes them to look down when they walk and increases their chances of tripping over things like electrical cords and throw mats.  Stand tall when you walk and keep your core braced or use Nordic poles to help with balance.

No Arms:  Your arms are a natural part of walking.  If you are doing a slow walk, keep your elbows straight and let your arms swing by your sides.  If you are walking a bit quicker bend your elbows keeping your arms tucked into your body.

Turtle Head Posture:  Walking with your head forward causes strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back.  A fun test to see if you have a head forward posture is to take two fingers and place them on your chin, draw your head back so your ears line up with your shoulders and leave your fingers where your chin started.  Do you have a big space? Work on standing tall and catch yourself if you fall into a head forward posture.

Erin Billowits is the Founder of Vintage Fitness – an organization that specializes in fitness for individuals over the age of 5O.  Erin launched Vintage Fitness in 2005  with a vision to create a team of professionals that understand how to motivate and train people over 50 in a way that is challenging, effective and safe. She has two Biology degrees from the University of Guelph and an MBA from McMaster.   You can reach Erin through her website and also follow her on Twitter @VintageFitness1

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