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Think Winning the Lottery Will Make You Happier?

Think Winning the Lottery Will Make You Happier?

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery?

Have you ever thought about how excited you would feel seeing your numbers show up and then the happiness you would have knowing that all your financial worries have suddenly disappeared.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but winning the lottery doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happier.

In some cases, researchers found it was even the reverse.

As the following video points out, you may initially have a jolt of happiness as you acquire new things but over time it will begin to erode and you will return to your natural level of happiness as you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Not all is lost though – depending on how you spend your money can determine how much happiness you may feel (and this goes for whether you win the lottery or not).

So whether we win the lottery or not, ultimately we all determine our own level of happiness – with or without money.

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