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Tatsuo Horiuchi – An Innovator in Retirement

Tatsuo Horiuchi – An Innovator in Retirement

Retirement. It’s often the time in our life that we hope to resume the activities we love or experience new things we have either never had the time or opportunity to do so before.

This was no exception for Tatsuo Horiuchi.

When Tatsuo retired, he decided he wanted to paint – but he had one challenge – he was cheap.

Traditionally, paintings are done with acrylic or water colours, but in this case Tatsuo decided that he wanted to paint on something he already had – his PC. He didn’t even want to spend any money on art software so he looked to see what was already installed.

Using Microsoft Excel, Tatsuo was able to create some beautiful works of art. The following video shares some of his work. He also was able to teach us some valuable lessons about retirement and aging too.

Lesson # 1: If you really want to do something you can.

Tatsuo wanted to paint in his retirement. Most often people will not even attempt something if they don’t have the right equipment or supplies. In Tatsuo’s case, he decided that wasn’t going to stop him. As a result, he and came up with an innovative and original idea as a result.

Lesson # 2: You are never to old to innovate.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, in Tatsuo’s case – he is actually doing the trick teaching. He was able to take a product that was typically used for mathematical spreadsheets and turned it into something that was able to produce beautiful pieces of art. Tatsuo turned that old phrase right on it’s head.

Lesson # 3: Having a goal can motivate you.

When Tatsuo started painting, his goal was to create something decent that in ten years he could be proud in showing to his friends. This goal helped to motivate him to keep trying. He more than likely experienced challenges and difficulties along his painting career but his persistence definitely paid off. Now he is not only showing his work to his friends, but also the world.

Lesson # 4: Innovation can take time.

When we think of innovation, we often think of a tech start up that almost immediately makes money or is bought out by a larger company. Tastuo reminds us that innovation takes time. Just look at how long it took for some of these very well known technology companies to take flight. No overnight successes there. Just lots of people working lots of hours.

Lesson # 5: It doesn’t matter what other people think.

Often, people would make fun of Tatsuo or ask him why he bothers working on something that (they considered) wasn’t worthwhile. Tatsuo ignored them. He followed his own path. As a result, he introduced a new art form into the world that had never been seen before. He showed us that having a passion – at any age – is worth pursuing no matter what anyone else thinks.

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