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Why Sunscreen May Be Your Best Wrinkle Defence

Why Sunscreen May Be Your Best Wrinkle Defence

We all know (or at least should know) how important it is to wear sunscreen in order to help reduce our risks for skin cancer.

But if that alone is not enough incentive for you to wear it, here is even one more reason.

Your vanity.

In a study published by Dermatologic Surgery, they asked 32 people to use sunscreen (SPF 30) on their faces for a year. What they discovered was that not only was their skin in better condition at the end of the study but 68% reported fewer wrinkles then they had before.

Now, this was a very small study but given the importance alone to use it to fight skin cancer and this potential extra benefit – what do you have to lose?

So before you head out, be sure to pull out the sunscreen.

The following video shares more about the benefits of sunscreen;

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