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Spring Cleaning Below the Surface

Spring Cleaning Below the Surface

One of the first signs of spring for me is the desire I get to pull out the cleaning supplies and start cleaning the house both inside and out.  I just want to try and remove that layer of dirt and grime that seems to have encased our home over the winter and open the windows to get some fresh air circulating through the house.

As I prepared to get ready to start cleaning I realized that I probably should take a good look into my closets and storage as well.  As I looked around I was amazed at how much stuff we had collected over the years.

A few years ago a friend of mine shared an analogy that we all lived like gold fish – we grow to the size of the bowl that we live in.  And it’s true.  As we increased our home size over the years to accommodate our growing family so did the amount of “stuff’ that we accumulated – we just found that we now had more places to hide it.Cleaning Products

So it’s time.  I really have to tackle the boxes in the basement that we have ignored for so many years and the closets where I have just jammed stuff in and shut the doors to never look at or think about again.

I have known that I have needed to do deal with my stuff for a number of years. 

For me, it’s not been just a matter of procrastination (which has been part of the problem) but I think I have ignored sorting through all our old things given the emotional experience I anticipate it will be.  I can just imagine pulling out the kids’ old art work or their favourite toys and dusting them off and the memories that will come flooding back along with the realization that these times are now past and will never be repeated again.

I guess this is just part of life and similar to spring cleaning I need to clear out the clutter and realize that just because things are no longer physically there the memories will always remain.

So pass me a box of tissues and wish me luck – I’m going in….

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