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Are you interested in connecting with the over 85 million baby boomers in North America?

Did you know…

  • Baby boomers control approximately 70% of the wealth and are poised to inherit $15 trillion in the US and $750 billion in Canada over the next decade
  • Baby boomers are very tech saavy. They are the largest growing demographic of social media and internet users. Baby boomers average about 15.5 hours per week on the internet and approximately 61% have smartphones – and this increases to 68% for the younger boomers
  • Baby boomers spend the most across all categories but only about 5% to 10% of marketing budgets are actually directed to this lucrative demographic

Booming Encore is a digital media hub specifically designed to provide baby boomers with information and inspiration to live their best encore.

We are a recognized global social media influencer and expert for baby boomers, aging and retirement and ranked as one of the top baby boomers blogs worldwide.

We take great care and pride to ensure that our supporter’s interests are aligned with the interests and needs of our audience. As a result, we customize our options based on these requirements.

We would be delighted to speak with you further and discuss the different options and opportunities that we have available.

Please contact us at info@boomingencore.com and lets talk!