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Shifting Gears and Careers – Part 3

Shifting Gears and Careers – Part 3

Gavin Rowlandson of Baie-D’Urfe, Quebec made the decision to leave a professional engineering career of over 25 years and pursue becoming a massage therapist and co-business owner with his wife Julie.  This is Gavin’s story. 

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Part 3: The Dream now the Reality

Fast forward and you will now find Gavin working full time as a Massage Therapist and Holistic Practitioner out of his home office with his wife Julie.  He resigned from his full time engineering position 8 months ago and now finds himself no longer concerned with a long commute and able to spend more time with his two sons and wife.

Julie & Gavin Rowlandson

Julie & Gavin Rowlandson

Gavin is finding he is enjoying more of the everyday activities in life – like running before breakfast, coffee with Julie, and just being there if his family needs him. He has even been told by many people, that he now looks years younger.

With this new career though, there are some challenges.  Gavin is now actively trying to build the business and attract new clients.  He has joined a networking group and is continually seeking referrals but has discovered that this can be a lengthy process.

As well, the family income has been significantly impacted.  After speaking with a Financial Advisor, Julie and Gavin have adjusted some of their finances so that they could eliminate some of the financial pressure while they work together on growing their business.

Gavin was initially concerned that he would miss his community of associates in the engineering world but has found that he is quickly developing a new set of colleagues so this has not been the case.

Gavin’s advice for anyone who is seeking to make a significant career change is to first speak with someone about it – a life coach, career coach, business coach or psychotherapist are all good options – just to get some specific guidance on your particular situation.  As well, Gavin is the first to admit that he could not have taken this step without the support of his family and believes that having this support in place was critical for him to reach this point.  As well, Gavin planned for this change – it wasn’t something that he did on a whim as there were other people’s lives involved as well.  He obtained the necessary training, worked through how they would manage financially, began to get his business started and then made his move.

Gavin’s clients now tell him  “that was the best massage ever” or “words cannot describe to what extent you’ve helped me”. Gavin’s final piece of advice is that if you do decide to follow your heart in your career aspirations, to have confidence in yourself and trust and believe that this is really where you belong.

Julie and Gavin Rowlandson own and operate the Soothing Hands Massage Therapy Clinic located in Baie-D’Urfe, Quebec.  

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