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Sharing & Collaboration – The Next Wave

Sharing & Collaboration – The Next Wave

There are changes underway in our society and you can see them starting to emerge all across the globe.   Everything is now being shared – shared information, shared thoughts, shared opinions, shared services, shared friends – everything and anything is now being shared.

Not only are we seeing it among people, we are starting to see this trend emerging in the new businesses that are being created. Sharing of housing, sharing of cars, sharing of technology networks  and shared funding for new business start ups.

The following video does a very good job of showing how collaborating and sharing is starting to fuel new businesses.

With over 7 billion people in the world, the idea of sharing and collaborating could really be an amazing thing.  Think of all the collective information that we all now share.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest are all examples of places where ideas, thoughts, information and knowledge are all shared. Globally, we could now take one person’s good idea and collaboratively build on it to make it something spectacular. 

The challenge is how do we take so much shared information, filter and distill it and turn it into knowledge that can be actually be applied.

Sharing now not only applies to information and thoughts, but also the things that we own.  If you think about all the things you have and how much time they just sit idle, wouldn’t it be better to share them – your lawnmower, your cars, your power tools, your bikes – wouldn’t it be great if we had a central depot very close to our homes where we could easily just share with our neighbours.  Not only would this be more financially viable but could also potentially be a much more environmentally friendly approach in that we would not be over producing consumer goods that so often sit unused.

The real challenge behind all of this sharing is to try and capture, coordinate and manage all these things.  Platforms and services are needed to ensure that we can turn noise into knowledge and sharing of physical items into being a benefit and not a hassle.

We also have to ensure that there is a social conscience in all this activity.  As much as positive sharing and collaboration happens, there is also a dark side that needs to be monitored and managed.  Theft, abuse, lack of respect – are just some examples of things that could happen.

What do you think?  Do you think all this sharing and collaboration is a good thing?  Please share your thoughts!

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