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Selling Your Home in Retirement? 5 Tips To Boost It’s Value

Selling Your Home in Retirement? 5 Tips To Boost It’s Value

Years back it was anticipated that there would be a great “Seniors Sell Off” of homes as baby boomers exited their family homes and moved to smaller and more age-friendly locations to retire.

Well, that didn’t prediction didn’t actually come to fruition.┬áMany┬ábaby boomers are staying put in their own homes and planning on aging in place.

This doesn’t mean that people aren’t selling and moving though.

Moving closer to family, cashing in on their home’s equity, looking for a property that requires less maintenance are just some of the reasons why boomers are selling their homes.

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So if you’re planning on selling – or even just wanting to increase your home’s value – here are five tips from Consumer’s Report to help you decide what areas to invest in to get the maximum return on your time and financial investment:

Here are some of their suggested highlights;

Class Up Your Kitchen

Update but don’t renovate. Be sure to fix things that don’t work and correct any cosmetic problems. Having matching appliances also can make a big impression.

Beautify the Bathroom(s)

Update anything easy that is outdated – for example knobs and handles. Fix all leaky faucets, caulk the tub and re-grout the tiles if necessary. If you can afford it, install new fixtures and upgrade counter tops (this shouldn’t be too expensive as there usually isn’t that much counter to replace). This can really modernize a bathroom.

Clean and Declutter

This tip seems pretty obvious but it’s extremely important. No one wants to buy a messy or dirty home. If you find doing this step to be too overwhelming, you may want to consider hiring a professional organizer to help.


Surprisingly, of the professionals that were asked only 16% said that interior painting was a necessity. They do suggest though that you focus on any scuffed or marked areas and if you are going to pain be sure to stick to neutrals or grays.

Pictures Matter

Given that 90% of your potential buyers will view your home online, be sure to invest in getting great pictures that will showcase your home in the best possible way.

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