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Booming Encore’s Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2019 - By Susan Williams As we prepare to say farewell to another year and get ready to enter a new one, it’s often fun to look back and see where you have been. We thought we would do that here at Booming Encore. Over this past year, we have shared many different topics – from health […]
Marriage: Been There, Done That, Don’t Want To Do It Again - By Susan Williams There was an interesting article published in the Globe and Mail recently entitled The new reality of dating over 65: Men want to live together; women don’t. The article shared some recent data on the differences between men and women and their dating objectives and ultimate relationships goals. Interestingly, the number of divorced […]
The Rise Of Poverty In Retirement For The Middle Class - By Susan Williams Baby boomers are speeding towards retirement at an average rate of around 10,000 people a day. But rather then crossing over this threshold to an anticipated life of doing whatever you like, many who are considered middle class may be facing a much nastier reality. Finishing their lives either in or near […]
A New Vision For Retirement Parties - By Mike Drak For the record, because of the way my 36-year career ended, I feel uncomfortable when attending retirement parties. I was forced out, which as many of you know is never fun. But truthfully, I was happy about it because I needed to leave, and what they did just accelerated my departure date […]
The Elder-Boom – Welcome To Our New Reality - By Susan Williams Many people believe that our aging population is due primarily to the large co-hort of baby boomers heading quickly to old age. And yes, this is a significant contributor. But what many people don’t realize is that this is the just the beginning of an elder-boom.
Things To Do When Considering Living Abroad In Retirement - By Susan Williams Do you dream of living abroad in retirement? Before you pack up your bags and your life there are lots of things you should consider before jumping on the plane. Cynthia and Edd Staton know this first hand as they are now living their retirement in Ecuador. Cynthia and Edd spoke with […]