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Things To Do When Considering Living Abroad In Retirement - By Susan Williams Do you dream of living abroad in retirement? Before you pack up your bags and your life there are lots of things you should consider before jumping on the plane. Cynthia and Edd Staton know this first hand as they are now living their retirement in Ecuador. Cynthia and Edd spoke with […]
Aging Solo – 5 Important Things To Do Right Now - By Joy Loverde If you are living solo, you are not alone. Millions of people currently fall into the category of separated, divorced, widowed, or never married. As life goes on, anyone can end up aging alone with no known family member or surrogate to act on our behalf. Plus, being a parent is no a […]
For Boomers Reframing Aging, Age-Proofing A Home Won’t Come Cheap - By Sharon Jayson Aging in place is a major financial commitment, one that may be at odds with retirees’ plans to downsize their lives and budgets and squirrel away cash in anticipation of rising health care costs.
Where Will You Live In Retirement? - Where do you plan to live in retirement? This is a question that many people ask themselves as they approach their retirement. In this video three different retirement living alternatives are profiled. Co-housing, living in a retirement community and living abroad.
Defending Assisted Living As A Long Term Care Option - By Dr. Stephen Golant Chances are at some point in your life you have been turned off by a discourteous hotel receptionist, an indifferent server at a restaurant, or a poorly trained salesperson at a clothing store. As a result, we might complain to our friends or on social media – or possibly notify the […]
Retirement – What To Do When The Decision Isn’t Yours - By Susan Williams As much as you may want to decide when you will retire – unfortunately, the majority of the time this isn’t actually the case. Some retirement research conducted by the TransAmerica Center, discovered that 56% of the retirees they surveyed did not retire when they had planned. Of this 56%, 54% of the […]