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Updating The Retirement Parable - By Mike Drak A few years ago I read this parable for the first time in one of Ernie Zelinski’s retirement books and it really resonated with me. I was working in a bank at the time and the demanding work and associated stress was getting to me. His story opened my eyes to the negative […]
The Only Thing Holding You Back In Retirement Is You - By Mike Drak I broke out into a big smile while reading that a retirement rebel by the name of Hiromu Inada had just became the oldest man to finish an Ironman at age 87. He has established a benchmark for other retirement rebels to shoot for, and we should thank him for that. For […]
Is It Forced Retirement Or Really Being Fired? - By Susan Williams I read a rather disturbing article in Forbes today. It was a post on how a Think Tank is projecting that 4 million people will be forced into retirement as a result of COVID-19. It went further on to explain that for these older workers, their job opportunities will also be diminished […]
Becoming A Transcender Retirement Rebel - By Mike Drak When it comes to retirement rebels, I am discovering there are many different types. Self transcenders look for a cause, a need, a problem to be solved, something that they are passionate about which becomes their mission and devote their efforts to that.
Shifting Your Retirement Plans In A Pandemic - By Mike Drak I just learned that my annual fly fishing trip to the George in northeastern Quebec will not happen and I’m not very happy about that. The George River is the place where I recovered from “Sudden Retirement Syndrome” and it has become my go to place for recharging, practicing my spirituality, and […]
An Option To Help You To Downsize In Place - By Art Barry Thinking about downsizing after the children have left home? There are lots of alternatives. We did quite a bit of research and considered what it would take to move out of our home after thirty plus years. After some discussion, may wife and I decided to put off a move for at least […]