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Compound Interest for Baby Boomers - By Gary Foreman Using compound interest correctly can make your retirement finances more secure and safe. Use it incorrectly and you could find yourself working at a part-time job that you don't like to avoid running out of money.
Want to Discover a New Purpose in Retirement? - By Joe Casey On my mini-vacation, I read two books – one fiction and one non-fiction. To my surprise, I encountered the same quotation in both books: “The three components of happiness are something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.” The universe was trying to tell me something. (It gets […]
Selling Your Home in Retirement? 5 Tips To Boost It’s Value - If you're planning on selling your home in retirement - or even just wanting to increase your home's value - here are five tips from to help you decide what areas to invest in to get the maximum return on your time and financial investment.
6 Facts Baby Boomers Need to Know About Credit - By Gary Foreman From their first gas credit card after high school graduation to a financial world filled with rewards cards and penalty rates, baby boomers have seen the use of credit change dramatically in their lifetimes. And now they wonder how all these changes will affect them as they head into retirement. So let’s […]
Three Things You Can Do To Help Your Relationship in Retirement - By Joe Casey In their article “The Gray Divorce Revolution”, the researchers note that the rate of divorce among older Americans 65 and over, has more than doubled in recent years – in contrast to the divorce rates in younger groups which decreased or remained flat.
Thinking of Moving In Retirement? Be Sure To Do Your Research - Are you thinking about moving in retirement? Whether it's to downsize, reduce your costs, cash in on your home equity or move closer to family - making a move can be both a challenging and exciting time. However, before you make the leap be sure to do your research.