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Retirement Lessons From A Pandemic - By Mike Drak I know it feels bad, but like all crises this one will end along with the economic hardship it caused. But on the plus side there are some benefits derived from spending a lot of time at home. It can give a person much needed perspective as to what is important and […]
How To Ensure You Receive Value From A Retirement Coach - Given our extended longevity, retirement can now potentially last between 20 to 30 years. To help figure out what to do with all this time many are hiring a retirement coach. Joe Casey shares some ways to make sure you get the most value from this relationship.
Book Review: “The New Retire-mentality” by Mitch Anthony - By Mike Drak I continue to read a lot of retirement books because I understand the importance of being open-minded to other views. I want to see retirement through the eyes of insightful people who might see things differently from me. That’s how I continue to learn. A few people had recommended Mitch Anthony’s book […]
Okinawan Retirement Wisdom - By Mike Drak The title is a little misleading because in the Okinawan language there isn’t even a word for retirement. In it’s place is the term ikigai, which roughly translated means, “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.” Older Okinawans are not hampered like we are by some artificial retirement finish […]
Planning Your Transition To Retirement - By Susan Williams Some time back, Dr. Martin Hyde from Swansea University joined us to share some research on some of the challenges that people may have as they transition into retirement. I was delighted to have him join us again to discuss some possible options on how to improve our planning and approach to […]
Early Retirement Traps You’re Not Planning For Yet - By Joe Casey Early retirement is a big achievement that’s years in the making. It takes vision, planning, discipline, and sacrifice to reach the point where work becomes a choice and not a financial necessity. But there are some early retirement traps you may not be planning for yet – and they could create challenges […]