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Could You Use A Financial Planner? - By Mike Drak My wife (who I fondly call The Contessa) is an investment advisor at a major Canadian bank and was forced to work from home during the pandemic. As a result, I got a chance to see her in action dealing with her clients. One thing I noticed was that early on when […]
The Rise Of Poverty In Retirement For The Middle Class - By Susan Williams Baby boomers are speeding towards retirement at an average rate of around 10,000 people a day. But rather then crossing over this threshold to an anticipated life of doing whatever you like, many who are considered middle class may be facing a much nastier reality.
This Week’s #TweetTalk – Perfect Storm, Aging Renos And Black Lives Matter - This week we discuss a few challenging topics. We talk about how COVID-19 is creating the perfect retirement storm, the growing business of renovations help people age in place and also share our views of the need to support the elimination of racism in our society.
What Type Of Retiree Are You (Or Do You Want To Be)? - By Mike Drak We have been led to believe by the majority of those retirement commercials they like to show us that all retirees are the same but the truth is they aren’t. What I have discovered through my research on retirement, there are actually a number of different types of retirees. Here are three […]
The Need To Re-Open Retirement - By Richard Haiduck This blog is aimed first and foremost to those 75+ helpful people who told me about their retirement, as input for the book I am writing. It was a privilege to me to hear your stories about how this generation of Baby Boomers is reinventing itself in its retirement. Climbing tall mountains, […]
This Week’s #TweetTalk – Training For Longevity, Coping With COVID, Retiring Abroad - In this week's Tweet Talk we chatted about whether we need to think of longevity as something we should focus and train for, how we are coping with COVID-19 and whether we would ever consider retiring abroad.