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Trending Topics This Week – Sarcopenia, Owning a Dog and Gender Gaps - We had another variety of topics that were trending this past week. We learned more about sarcopenia, what were some of the benefits of owning a dog later in life and how the gender gap for women follows them into retirement.
Thinking of Moving In Retirement? Be Sure To Do Your Research - Are you thinking about moving in retirement? Whether it's to downsize, reduce your costs, cash in on your home equity or move closer to family - making a move can be both a challenging and exciting time. However, before you make the leap be sure to do your research.
Trending Topics This Week – Retirement Expenses, Heirlooms and No Regrets - This week we discussed retirement expenses with Gary Foreman, looked into what contributes to something being considered a family heirloom and why living a life with no regrets is so important.
Expenses in Retirement – What To Expect - By Susan Williams Retirement – you’ve worked hard all your life and you’re getting ready to retire. It’s supposed to be the time of your life when you can just kick back and enjoy life. But if you haven’t planned well for the financial side of your retirement, this can really have a big impact […]
Retirement Planning – It’s About More Than Just Money - By Susan Williams With retirements now potentially spanning up to thirty years, this is almost as long as the average career. Yet so many people are heading into retirement without any clear plan of what they want to do once they get there. In this Learning Bites episode, I chatted with Mike Drak about this […]
Retiring With Debt? How To Manage - By Anne Arbour We, present company included, often preach about the importance of retiring our debt before we retire ourselves. We write about how the burden of servicing debt on a fixed retirement income can put a strain on you future plans, about how it can compromise your ability to weather an unforeseen future financial […]