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I Don’t Want To Be “Put” In A Home - Thinking about being "put" in a home at some point in my life sends a chill down my spine. I would like to remain living in my own home for as long as I can. But here's the challenge. As much as I want and plan to age in place there is another reality that I need to face.
Downsizing and Moving – What To Do - The data is mixed as to whether baby boomers will be downsizing and moving out of their homes anytime soon. But if you (or your aging parents) are thinking about it – there are some options for you to consider. In the following video from CTV News, real estate expert Sandra Rinomato shares what some […]
Three Different Stages of Retirement - So often when we think of retirement, we think of it as being a single time in our life. But actually, given the time now potentially spent in retirement there can be different phases during our retirement. In the following video from Money, Jill Schlesinger suggests that retirement could actually be broken down into three […]
Who Will Change My Lightbulbs? And Other Pre-Retirement Questions - You’re getting all set for retirement. You (hopefully) have your retirement financial plan in order but have you thought much about how you will live after you retire? In the following video from Money, they suggest that you ask yourself these three different questions about your lifestyle so that you can appropriately prepare and enjoy […]
Should 65 Still Be Retirement Age? - By Gillian Leithman It is a commonplace fact that physical ability, mental alertness & cooperativeness fail after 65. I bet you would agree that’s a pretty crazy statement, right? Well, those are not my words. They are the words of the U.S. Federal Government who, in 1980, argued before the Supreme Court that the retirement […]
Reasons To Beware of Early Retirement - By Gillian Leithman Delay retirement but only if you like your job and the people you work with. While much has been written about the financial benefits of longer working lives, there are social benefits too. Bonds of close friendship, a sense of community, belonging to and being of service to a cause that is […]