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Are You Headed For a Zombie Retirement? - By Joe Casey When people think of retirement planning, most focus on the financial side. It’s critical. But retirement is not just about money. It’s also about time. In my work, I see smart people who nail the financial side, yet put off the non-financial side. They’re financially flying first-class in retirement – but they […]
Why This Super Bowl Commercial Is No Laughing Matter - By Susan Williams An estimated 103.4 million people watched the Super Bowl this past weekend. Of course as much as people tune in to watch the game along with the half time show, the commercials are often some of the biggest points of discussion the next day. There was one commercial in particular that really […]
When Baby Boomers Retire From Work – Productivity May Go Too - There has always been the expectation that when baby boomers retire there would be a significant economic impact. From spending less to the impact on the stock markets are often the areas of focus. But what about the impact to the productivity of the companies that they leave behind?
Who Wants (or Needs) to Be A Millionaire? - By Susan Williams We recently shared a post on social media by CNBC entitled When a $1 Million Retirement Nest Egg Isn’t Enough. This post generated quite a response. And I can understand why. In the article, the writers shared that even though a $1M retirement nest egg was once considered a benchmark to live a life […]
Launching a Successful Part Time Business in Retirement without Jeopardizing Your Savings - By Gary Foreman You're ready to retire or recently retired. But, you're not ready to spend all your time on the golf course or playing mahjong. So you're thinking of starting a part-time business to help fill your retirement years. You're not alone.
How Secure Is Your Pension Really? - By Susan Williams Back in October, Sears Canada received approval to close their doors after 65 years of being a department store staple for Canadians. Sears had been a pioneer for home shopping. Through their catalog service, Canadians could flip through the pages of products and then just pick up the phone and place an […]