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Bankruptcy in Retirement - In our final and last installment of our Debt and Retirement series, Anne Arbour from the Credit Counselling Society joins us to discuss the very difficult topic of bankruptcy and the impact this could have on your retirement.
Setting Some Retirement Resolutions - By Mike Drak Our family tribe celebrated New Years in Punta Cana this year and we had a blast. There were fifteen of us on the trip and we have already booked a trip to Vegas in October to celebrate my sixty fifth birthday. Life today is much tougher than what we boomers had to […]
Hitting Reset on Your Finances for 2019 - By Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy January is such an interesting month – many of us feel a little heavier from eating too much food and sweets. And it’s not a far stretch to assume that perhaps a few of us are also in a little more in debt due to the holiday season, spending more than […]
Transitioning to Retirement – What the Research Says - By Susan Williams Many baby boomers are approaching and transitioning to retirement on a daily basis. But how are people preparing and transitioning into this new stage of their lives? Dr. Martin Hyde from Swansea University shares some of the latest research on this topic with us.
Nine Principles For An Exceptional Retirement - By Mike Drak Being the season for giving I thought I would share with you a condensed section from our new book that outlines the nine retirement principles for an exceptional retirement. Retirement should be the best time of your life, the payoff for all your hard work over the years. But a successful retirement […]
Who Will You Be In Retirement? - By Joe Casey “When you are 20, you care about what people think about you, when you are 40 you stop caring about what people think about you, and when you are 60, you realize nobody cared in the first place.”– Winston Churchill Have you ever asked someone “How was your weekend?” – and regret it […]