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What’s Your Retirement Vision? - By Mike Drak Four years ago I wouldn’t have been able to give you a good answer to the above question. I just kind of fell into retirement after being forced out of the only company I worked for after thirty-six years and it was a bit of a shock. Today I’m a different person […]
This Week’s Trending Topics – The Suburbs, “Gray” Ceiling and Disruption - Here's this week's trending topics. We explore whether living in the suburbs is risky for aging, learn more about the “gray” ceiling and look at a couple of industries destined for disruption due to an aging population.
An Aging Population: Two Industries Destined For Disruption - By Susan Williams If you’ve been reading the media lately, it’s hard not to realize that the population of the world is aging. With the largest demographic of baby boomers now aged between 55 and 75 and about 72 million strong in the US and around 9.6 million in Canada, one thing is for sure the […]
This Week’s Trending Topics – Tech and Society, Sharing Wisdom and Silent Retirement Partners - This week we explored some companion and caregiving technologies and wondered what the impact to society might be, shared some aging advice and wisdom and looked into the topic of silent retirement partners. Have a read!
Five Financial Planning Steps To Take As You Approach Retirement - By Larry Heller, CFP® As you prepare for you retirement, there are probably many things on your mind and lots of things to do. To help, here is a list of five things that you should probably make sure that you add to your list. Retirement Mindset After working for so many years having so […]
This Week’s Trending Topics – Television, Innovation and Mobile Technology - Welcome to this week’s top trending topics. This week’s topics all seem to revolve around technology. We discover the risks of watching too much television, learn about a retiree who is innovating in his retirement and also look at how baby boomers are using mobile technology. Have a read! Reasons To Back Away From The […]