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What Baby Boomer Women Need to Know About Their Finances - By Gary Foreman If you’re a lady baby boomer, you’ve probably spent the last 30+ years navigating a brave new financial world, a world that your mother never concerned herself with. That trip has taught you many things about money, but there are still things for you to learn. To help us find out what […]
A Possible Reason Baby Boomers Haven’t Saved Enough For Retirement - By Susan Williams There has been a flurry of articles lately about how financially ill prepared baby boomers are for retirement. In an article in Business Insider they reported; “According to a Legg Mason Investment Survey, US baby boomers — defined as ages 53 to 71 by Legg Mason —have on average $263,000 saved in […]
Retirement Savings Plan – How Do You Compare? - It happens all too often. We compare ourselves to other people. Whether it’s our appearance, talent, wealth or something else, we want to see how we’re doing compared to someone else. However by participating in these comparisons, it can either make you feel better or worse about your own situation. Depending on who or what […]
Things My Dad Taught Me About Money - By Gary Foreman Some of the fondest moments memories in my life are of helping my Dad around the house and listening to him explain why he did and didn’t do things. Although I didn’t know it at the time, he was building a foundation for a frugal lifestyle. We talked about how to fix […]
6 Traps in Planning for Retirement and How You Can Avoid Them - By Joe Casey In life, knowing what to do is important. But in retirement planning, it’s what not to do that counts. In fact, if you want to ensure a smooth transition into retirement, knowing the traps to avoid is even more important than knowing exactly how to approach that phase of life. Here are […]
Will You Outlive Your Money? - By Gary Foreman Will you outlive your money? According to surveys over half of all retirees live with that fear. They cite historically low interest rates on their savings, the uncertainty of Social Security, and increased lifespans as reasons for their fears that they could outlive their money. Longevity Risk Back in the 1930s when […]