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Six Tips To Help Your Parents With Their Retirement – So You Can Too! - No matter how much you’ve put together in your financial retirement plans, it always seems like you need more. What if, in addition to your own expenses, you also have to support your parents? Here are 6 basic tips to follow, so both you and your parents can retire comfortably.
Baby Boomers and The Rise of the Grudge Workforce - Here’s a new term for you – the grudge workforce. Have you heard of it before? I discovered it when I happened to run across a research report published by Suncorp in Australia. They coined the phrase grudge workforce in reference to the time gap for baby boomers from when they wanted to retire versus […]
Some Emerging Retirement Trends - We've heard it repeated time and time again - the face of retirement is changing. Living longer, financial need, wanting to stay socially connected - these are just some of the reasons for these shifts. But what exactly is changing in retirement?
Hot Topics This Week - At Booming Encore, every day we search the internet and share information and resources that we believe you will find interesting. New technology for aging, napping and Betty White were just some of our trending topics this week. Watch our video to find out more. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and join […]
Retirement: The Case of the Ant and the Grasshopper - When you were younger you might remember being told an Aesop’s fable about an ant and a grasshopper. Basically, the story goes like this; One summer, a grasshopper was spending it’s days chirping and singing. An ant passed him by who was working hard and carrying an ear of corn to it’s nest. The grasshopper […]
Downsizing: What To Do With All Your Stuff - Chances are if you’re downsizing you have lots of stuff to get rid of. So what do you do with all your things? Where do you even start? The following video featuring Colette Robicheau, a professional organizer, shares some tips on how to approach dealing with all your things if you are planning on downsizing; […]