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Are Your Emotions Making You Poor? - By Joel Fink “Well-being is attained by little and little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself.” – Zeno of Citium People are emotional. Emotion is an integral part of being human. Much of what we do and the decisions that we make are guided by our emotions. Sometimes this works out well, but it […]
Answering in Retirement: So, What Do You Do? - By Joe Casey We’ve all heard this question. It’s a simple one. This is not one of life’s most challenging problems. But it can be an instructive part of your transition to retirement. It’s really about giving yourself time to adjust to – and to own – a new identity. Are We What We Do? […]
Granny Pods – Could This Be A Solution for Aging in Place? - Have you heard of a “Granny Pod”? Granny pods are typically a pre-built structure that has been specifically designed to support aging in place. It is usually constructed on a family member or caregiver’s property. Often installed as a temporary building, granny pods are usually small homes that offer special aging features such as wider […]
Aging in the Suburbs – Is This Realistic or Risky? - By Susan Williams The suburbs. Where homes were built outside city limits so young families could enjoy home ownership and having their own backyard. Suburban life really started to boom after World War II when many war vets returned home and wanted to settle down. At that time the suburbs were ideal. They were typically located […]
Know What Your Car Is Costing You - By Joel Fink Let’s talk cars. What is the most expensive thing about owning a car? Is it the insurance? How about gasoline or interest on your loan? What about those expensive repairs and maintenance? Turns out that the most expensive thing about owning a car is depreciation. Depreciation is a fancy word for how […]
A Key Step In Preparing for Retirement: Build Your Social Network - By Joe Casey As you get closer to retirement, are you thinking more about your health? I know I am. Perhaps you’re focusing more on wellness and fitness lately. Have you seen the flurry of recent articles alerting us that sitting is the new smoking? Indeed, there are real dangers to our health if we aren’t […]