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Remembering Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams

When I heard the news of the death of Robin Williams my initial reaction was extreme shock. I always thought of him as one of our world’s great talents – his comic genius complemented by his thoughtful and hard hitting roles demonstrated his undeniable talent and to lose him so early in life was completely unexpected.

What also struck me hard was that he ended his life in such a tragic way. I cannot imagine the pain that he must have been in to end his life like this and how difficult it must have been to show the world one face while masking the pain that he struggled with in his life.

So as we mourn the loss of someone we all got to know through both our television sets and movie theatres, maybe in his very sad final act there is a lesson for all of us to learn.

In Robin’s passing, he has shone a light on the pain and tragedy that mental illness can have. How many other people are there that are living in pain or suffering from depression that may also be at risk?

The Canadian Mental Health Association published the following statement on their website;

“For people with depression, it does not feel like there is a “light at the end of the tunnel” — there is just a long, dark tunnel.”

So maybe in Robin’s memory, we should attempt to find these people and provide them with the necessary support to help them try and find their own light.

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