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Rediscovering the Value of Friendship

Rediscovering the Value of Friendship

After spending so many years raising kids and having a very active career, I reached a point in my life that I finally had a little breathing room for myself.  Without having to rush the kids to a hockey arena or soccer field, or racing out of town for a tournament, I actually discovered that I had some extra time on my hands.  What I also noticed was as my kids extracurricular activities started to wind down, so did my social life.  I was no longer hanging out with the other parents on the sidelines, having a coffee and catching up with them on what was happening in our lives.  I also started to realize that over the years as I dove deeper into my kid’s lives, I had started to lose a bit of my own.   I found myself face to face with the reality that I had neglected something in my own life – and that was having my own friends.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am really fortunate.  I have a wonderful husband, great family, many close colleagues and what I would call our ‘couple friends’ but what I felt was missing was having my own personal friends.  You know, the kind of friend you can just call at the last minute to grab a coffee with or drop by their house unannounced and know that they won’t be upset.  The type of person that you can feel relaxed about sharing your dreams and challenges with while being comfortable knowing that they are not judging you.  The kind of individual that you can really trust because you know that they really do have your best interests at heart.

As I looked around me, I started to realize that these type of people were in my life already – I had just been so wrapped up with my own day to day activities that I hadn’t noticed.  As I started to share more with them, I began to really recognize what a valuable role in life a good friend plays.  They support, encourage, challenge and celebrate your life’s challenges and success with you.

So, to my friends, I say thank you.  You have helped me to rediscover how wonderful true friendship is and I just hope that I can be as good a friend for you as you are for me.

What about you?   Have you been able to keep your personal friends over the years?

I would love to hear about your experience….