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Pushing Your Limits As You Age

Pushing Your Limits As You Age

When was the last time you pushed yourself?

You know, tried to do something completely different?

Well here’s a great story of how one woman did just that.

In retirement, Julia discovered that she really didn’t have any particular plan and found herself bored, lonely and struggling without any particular direction. Having previously been a workaholic, she didn’t know what to do with her newfound spare time.

After initially retiring in Italy, she decided to move to Plymouth, England to be closer to her daughter. The first winter there she said she spent hibernating and ended up gaining a great deal of weight.

Determined not to do this again, she found herself drawn to the sport of wild sea swimming and has not looked back since.

As she says about this new interest, “you have to push yourself to some limits”. And the benefits of this new activity have been well worth it for her.

A sense of freedom, joy, pleasure and community are all the things she has discovered.

So what boundaries and limits will you challenge?

Here’s Julia’s story;

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