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Who Will Change My Lightbulbs? And Other Pre-Retirement Questions

Who Will Change My Lightbulbs? And Other Pre-Retirement Questions

You’re getting all set for retirement. You (hopefully) have your retirement financial plan in order but have you thought much about how you will live after you retire?

In the following video from Money, they suggest that you ask yourself these three different questions about your lifestyle so that you can appropriately prepare and enjoy your life after retirement.

Here’s the video;

Question # 1: Who will change your lightbulbs?

How will you maintain your home when your older? When you are 80+ do you see yourself standing on a stool to change a lightbulb or will you need help doing that?

You need to consider your home maintenance and how this will be managed before it becomes an issue for you.

Question # 2: How will I get an ice cream cone?

The purpose behind this question is to really make sure that you will be in walking distance or have easy access to the things you enjoy. Whether you love an ice cream cone or going to a movie or something else, if you’re living too far away from it or don’t have easy access this could affect how you enjoy your life in retirement.

Question # 3:  Who will I have lunch with?

Who are you going to hang out with? The reason you need to answer this question is that there is a great deal of research that suggests that people who age in a community with social interaction are much happier than those that don’t. And it’s face-to-face interaction that you need. So whether it’s having lunch, or a coffee or playing a game of cards  – “human contact matters”.

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