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The Positive Side of Aging – It’s Only Up From Here

The Positive Side of Aging – It’s Only Up From Here

Aging – it’s a term that is so often associated with negative perceptions.

Words like decrepit, cranky, senile, over the hill – are words that are just filled with negativity.

Even the term anti-aging is negative.

The prefix anti actually means “opposed to, or against”.

So with so much negative thinking and words associated with aging, it’s no wonder so many people are dreading it.

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But there are many positive things about aging. As you age you actually get happier.

In an article published by the Los Angeles Times, they reported that a study found that people in their 20’s were most stressed out and depressed whereas people in their 90’s were more content. The older people got, the happier they became.

Here’s one of the reasons why;

“When people face endings they tend to shift from goals about exploration and expanding horizons to ones about savoring relationships and focusing on meaningful activities,”

In the following video, some older people share their thoughts on what does it mean to live a full life. Their insights on what contributes to their happiness is really quite interesting.

So, when it comes to aging – throw away those negative thoughts – it’s only up from here!

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