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Need to Boost Your Mood? Turn Up the Music!

Need to Boost Your Mood? Turn Up the Music!

By Susan Williams

The other morning I got into the car.  It was freezing outside and as I sat down on the rock hard seats and started the car a blast of cold air from the vents greeted me. 

I began to mutter to myself about how tired I was getting of this freezing weather. I started to think about how I hated wearing hats and gloves and feeling cold all the time.

As my mood started to take a dive, I thought I really should stop this negative thinking.  

Once I pulled out of the driveway, I turned on the radio and found myself listening to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. 

Next thing you know, I started to turn up the volume.  I quickly found myself tapping to the beat on the steering wheel and starting to sing along. 

It was then that I noticed that my dull mood started to suddenly fade.  I began to feel much more positive as I listened to this song. 

I wondered, could listening to music actually make you feel happier?

Actually it can.

Researchers at The University of Missouri discovered that listening to upbeat music when you are trying to be happier actually works. 

In their study they found that over a two week period, participants who were instructed to focus on increasing their happiness and then listened to upbeat music were able to boost their moods and short term happiness versus those who just listened to music.

One other thing the researchers suggested was that if you would like to put this research into practice that people should not place too much introspection on their mood. They should focus more on enjoying their journey towards happiness.  

So I guess the next time I’m feeling a little down in the dumps I’ll just pump up the tunes!

Here’s the lyrics video of the song Happy by Pharrell Williams;


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Susan Williams is the Founder of Booming Encore. Being a Boomer herself, Susan loves to discover and share ways to live life to the fullest. She shares her experiences, observations and opinions on living life after 50 and tries to embrace Booming Encore's philosophy of making sure every day matters.