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Maybe I Can Become a Consultant

Maybe I Can Become a Consultant

Being a consultant can be very tempting. 

The thought of setting up your own business, working your own hours and charging high consulting fees can often be very alluring.

However there are some things that you may want to consider before taking this leap. 

The following resources may help you make sure that this career step is really for you;

  • The Government of Canada has created an outline of what is involved in starting a consulting business.  You can access the information on their website here.
  • Entrepreneur.com published a fairly lengthy article about starting a consulting business and provides a provides a high level outline of what is involved. 
  • Do you have some of the necessary traits to be a good consultant? Being an independent consultant is quite different then working for someone else. This article provides a ‘top 10’ list of some of the traits you might need to have.

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