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Organ Donation

Did you realize that every year over 1,600 people are added to an organ waiting list in Canada and that one organ donor can benefit more than 75 people and save up to 8 lives? A young Canadian named Hélène Campbell found herself becoming an organ donation activist at the early age of 20 when she became in need of a double lung transplant. Hélène shared her personal journey as she waited for her organ donation and this special young woman successfully gained the attention of Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres for this important cause. Hélène’s inspirational story and personal courage demonstrates just how much a difference being an organ donator can make.

Helene’s Story

Returning home after her successful transplant

Donating your organs can make a difference to so many people’s lives – not only for the recipient, but also their family and friends.

It is not a difficult task to donate your organs in Canada. You only need to register your consent within your province. You can access your provincial registration form through the Canadian Transplant Society’s website. It is also recommended that you have the conversation with your family regarding your support so that they are also aware and able to support your wishes.

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