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Love Is The Grandparent Of Invention

Love Is The Grandparent Of Invention

When you love and care for someone and see that they are struggling, it can make you do almost anything to try and make their lives better.

And this is exactly what motivated these two young people.

In both of these cases, two grandchildren witnessed how their grandparents were struggling and wanted to personally do something to make their lives more comfortable and less stressful. Being motivated by love and caring, these two both invented some amazing products that would not only help their own grandparents but also potentially many others as well.

Here are the stories of these two young inventors;

Kenneth Shinozuka experienced first hand what it was like to be completely lost at the age of four when his grandfather experienced his first memory loss with dementia and this terrified him.

As his grandfather’s condition worsened, he witnessed first hand the stress and strain it put on his family as they worried about him wandering off in the middle of the night.

To respond to this, Kenneth invented a sensor system that his grandfather would wear that would alert his aunt to the fact that his grandfather had left his bed.

In his TED Talk, Kenneth shares his story of how his concern for his grandfather and aunt motivated him to action and the invention that he created as a result.

Sha Yao also had a similar experience to Kenneth. Her grandmother was suffering with Alzheimer’s and she felt very upset every time she saw the challenges that she had with eating.

As a result, Sha invented a set of tableware specifically designed to make the eating experience for those with difficulties easier. She completely overhauled the dishes and utensils used to make the basic need of eating more comfortable.

Here is more about Sha’s invention:

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention – in these cases love is the grandparent of invention!

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