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Check This Out – Lives Well Lived

Check This Out – Lives Well Lived

By Susan Williams

What stories and wisdom do your family members have to share?

That’s exactly what motivated Sky Bergman to develop and direct the film Lives Well Lived. As she watched her 99 year old grandmother work out at the gym, she thought she had better film this as there was no way anyone would ever believe her. Who knew that this activity would then lead her down to interviewing 40 people aged 75 and older to gather their words of wisdom and stories?

Sky spent some time with me discussing this film, why she believes it’s important to capture our families stories along with what she learned through this filming process. Here is our conversation;


Here is the trailer for the film;

Lives Well Lived – trailer from Sky Bergman on Vimeo.

If you are interested in watching Sky’s movie, you can order the DVD on the Lives Well Lived website.

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