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Want to Write Your Life Story? There’s An App For That

Want to Write Your Life Story? There’s An App For That

By Richard Weijo

As children, most of us learn through storytelling.  Stories are an important part of sharing your legacy.

So, how do you prefer to tell your story?

There are a variety of new apps available for your Apple or Android devices. Each app has features appropriate for different storytelling styles.  The advantage of these apps is that they are always with you and are simple to use and most of them only cost a few dollars.

I happen to be a writer, so I prefer taking a storytelling style.

Day One Journal, Five Minute Journal, and Chronicle are a few examples of recommended apps that support this style. These apps allow you to write your thoughts and reflections, and if you choose, to add photos.  They also allow you to export your writings so they can be printed in a memoir or journal.

However many of us are very uncomfortable writing, finding it a struggle even to finish one story. 

For these folks, there is the style option of audio recording your legacy.  Saving Memories Forever provides prompts to spur along a story – in audio – so you can easily record your story. What is also interesting is several family members can contribute their voices to help tell a family story. Your stories are saved on the Saving Memories Forever website, where pictures and text (e.g., family recipes) can be included with these audio recordings.

If you want to take it one step further, there are apps that allow you to share your legacy using video recordings.

ProMovie Recorder – 4K Video Camera is just one app that has received many positive reviews.  After recording your videos, they can then be saved to a computer and shared via Facebook, Vimeo or other supported apps.

Finally, if you are going to use an app to document and share your legacy, you really need to consider how each app developer handles access and storage of your personal information and privacy.

Here are just some of the things you should consider;

  • How is the information stored?
  • Is it kept on a third-party website or can it be moved to your own personal storage location?
  • Is there a risk the developer could charge a fee at some point for accessing stored data – potentially holding your information ransom?
  • Is the app password protected so your journals are protected from others having access?

So how do you prefer to tell your story – is it by words, voice or video? Simply select the style that works best for you and get started.

Afterall, you’ve got a legacy to leave.

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Richard O. Weijo, PhD, received an undergraduate degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and went on to receive his MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota. He was an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Richard was also a Senior Analyst at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and his most recent corporate position was as a Manager of market research and Director of customer channels at Portland General Electric. Currently, he is a consultant and a writer. He adores his young granddaughter Elsie, whose birth inspired his book, Our Dreams For Our Children: Creating Legacies That Inspire Each New Generation To Achieve A Brighter Future.

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