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Lessons On Happiness From A 99 Year Old Holocaust Survivor

Lessons On Happiness From A 99 Year Old Holocaust Survivor

By Susan Williams

It’s hard to believe that after the trauma 99 year old Eddie Jaku experienced in his life he was able to find happiness. But he did.

In this moving Ted Talk, Eddie shared how as a young man he experienced the horrors of the holocaust first hand. Moved from concentration camp to concentration camp and eventually ending up in Auschwitz, Eddie not only lost his family but also his faith in humanity.

But today he is a happy man and he shared his thoughts on how to live a happy life – no matter what trauma you may experience.

Here is his Ted Talk;

Eddie’s Key Lessons On Happiness

Do Not Hate Anyone

As Eddie says, “Hate is a disease, it may destroy your enemy but it will also destroy you in the process.“. Eddie now spends his time trying to make the world a better place for everyone. He wants to ensure that the tragedy of the holocaust never happens again and is never forgotten.

Realize That Happiness Is A Choice

Eddie shared that in the early days after he found his freedom he was not a happy man. But after the birth of his first son, he promised from that day forward until the end of his life to be happy, smile, be polite, helpful and kind. To this day he has kept this promise.

Today he shares his happiness with everyone he meets. He said that “happiness does not fall from the sky – it’s in your heads. If you’re healthy and happy then you’re a millionaire.” He added that happiness brings health to the body and mind and he attributes his 99 years of good health due to his positive attitude.

Family Matters

Eddie’s greatest joy comes from his family. Having now been married for 73 years, he is blessed with two¬†sons and many grand and great grandchildren. However one of his biggest regrets was not being able to tell his mother how much he loved her after his family was sent to Auschwitz. He suggests to everyone be sure to tell your family how much you love them while you have the chance.

Stop and Enjoy Life

Eddie believes today that too many people are just too busy running – but not knowing where they are running to. Take time to enjoy life. Spend time with family and friends or go for a walk. As Eddie says,

“Tomorrow will come – but first enjoy today.”

Some great words to live by. Thanks Eddie.

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