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Personal Legacy

If someone were to write your obituary today – what do you think it would it say?

Would it describe your life in the way that you wanted? Would it talk about the relationships and contributions that you made in your life that you really want to be remembered for?

Your legacy will be constructed from all the memories that people have of you and the impact that you made during your lifetime.shutterstock_115638607

There are so many people waiting for the perfect time to do something that they have always wanted to do or spend it with the people they really love and care about. The reality is if we do not begin to think and fulfill our desired legacy today, the perfect time may never come and what we may end up leaving is a life of regrets.

The following exercise was designed to help you start with your thinking about your personal legacy. To talk about obituaries can be difficult however by looking at your life from the end backwards, it can cause two things to happen – first, it reminds us that our time here on earth is not limitless and as a result, it causes us to reflect and think about the things that are really important to us.

Try this exercise to start your thinking;

  • Write your obituary as you believe it would be written today. Don’t be afraid to ask others for input. It doesn’t have to be that detailed or complicated – just capture the highlights.
  • Now write your obituary as you would like to see it written. Include the things that are really important to you – your dreams, your relationships, your contributions. Spend some time thinking about this and try to describe it in the most detail you possibly can.
  • Once completed, identify the following;
    • How different is your future obituary from your current obituary?
    • Who are the people that are important to you?
    • What relationships or contributions are referenced in your future that weren’t referenced in your initial obituary?
  • Now design your personal legacy plan
    • Based on your current and future obituary – where are the gaps between your current life as you are living it now and what you would like it to be?
    • What can you do to change this?
    • Are there things that you are doing today that are stopping you from being the person that you want to be? If yes, what are they and what can you do about it?

The intention of this exercise is to really stop and reflect on your life and make sure that you are not neglecting either the people, relationships or areas of your life that are really important to you.

May your life be filled with the legacy you want to live!

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