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Learning To Trust

Learning To Trust

One of my children has booked a trip to Europe and will be travelling with a friend.  Both of them are adults – actually they are a couple of years older than what is legally considered an adult – but I still see them as kids and am finding it really difficult to not ask too many questions or comment on their plans.

As they book their flights and plan their itinerary, it’s taking a great deal of energy for me to not to jump in and take over. I keep reminding myself that the planning of the trip is part of their learning experience and if I start taking over I will actually be depriving them of the opportunity to discover things like how to exchange money, booking flights and accommodations and figuring out how to transfer between cities.

Easier said than done.

I can’t help but think that this is still my child that is going to get on a plane and fly overseas on a trip that they planned themselves. There is no parent or school chaperons, there is no tour group leader meeting them when they land – they will be all by themselves roaming around in a foreign country.

Will they be staying in the right places? Will they have enough money? Will they be safe? These are all the thoughts rattling through my head.

I guess it’s times like this that I realize it’s not so much about trusting our children but actually trusting that as parents we’ve done the best job we possibly could in raising our kids.

So it’s with these thoughts (along with the knowledge that they also have a cell phone and access to wifi!) that I will give them a big hug and say bon voyage.

This is literally a real live test of flying out of the nest!

(Update; They both returned home safe and sound and have memories that will last a lifetime – and me –  I now wonder what I was even so worried about!)

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