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Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go

This year both of my kids started going to schools outside of our local vicinity and one of them is actually living on the school campus away from home.  As a result of this change a sort of hush has taken over our house and my husband and I are now usually staring only at each other across the dinner table each night.

As much as it is nice to have some peace and quiet around the house – it almost has a haunting feel. 

My husband and I are no longer juggling our calendars and scrambling to take the kids to practices, making lunches or helping them with their homework. 

The other side of this coin is that as a family we also no longer have the time together every day to share what happened, laugh with each other about the funny things we experienced or talk about our challenges.

Looking back I really can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  I still remember when we first had our kids how people would tell me to enjoy every moment together as the time goes by so quickly.  When you are up to your elbows in diapers or seriously suffering from sleep deprivation – time could not go by fast enough but now it seems like the time just passed by in just a blink.

I am finding it difficult to accept that our kids are now moving on with their lives without my daily guidance.  However as challenging as I am finding it is to let go and loosen my daily involvement, I recognize that I have to do this in order to allow them the necessary space to make their own decisions as they create and design their own lives.

Given that we don’t see our kids every day now, my biggest hope is that my husband and I were successful in laying a solid foundation of values for our kids as they move on to make their own choices and decisions in their lives.  I also pray that they know that we are always here for them wherever and whenever they may need us.

As a parent, this is something you never let go.

What has been your experience?  I would love to hear your story….

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Susan Williams is the Founder of Booming Encore. Being a Boomer herself, Susan loves to discover and share ways to live life to the fullest. She shares her experiences, observations and opinions on living life after 50 and tries to embrace Booming Encore's philosophy of making sure every day matters.