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Are You (Or Do You Know) Any Canadians Over 65?

Are You (Or Do You Know) Any Canadians Over 65?

By Susan Williams

COVID-19 has disrupted many parts of our life. One of them being our ability to go out and exercise with friends – especially for older people.

To try and improve this situation, a research project has been started called the SCOPE Trial. The intention of this research is to assess whether exercising with other older adults as part of a socially connected (but physically distanced) exercise program, or a personal exercise program, will significantly improve the well-being and health of older adults (aged 65 years or older) currently living in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Principal Investigator, Dr. Mark Beauchamp joined me to share more about this program. So if you happen to be over 65 (or know someone over 65) be sure to check this out. You can find out more about this program on their website: SCOPE Trial At UBC.

Here is our discussion;

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