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Tatsuo Horiuchi – An Innovator in Retirement - Retirement. It’s often the time in our life that we hope to resume the activities we love or experience new things we have either never had the time or opportunity to do so before. This was no exception for Tatsuo Horiuchi. When Tatsuo retired, he decided he wanted to paint – but he had one […]
When The Dream Becomes Reality – The Beyond Sixty Project - By Susan Williams As a result of a chance encounter, Melissa Davey discovered a dream - she wanted to become a film maker. Today she is on the cusp of this becoming a reality. Melissa shares with us her experience of following her passion later in life and what she has learned along the way.
A Haven of Hope For Older Homeless Men - By Dave Price It has been said you can’t really know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. But what happens if you give a pair of once-loved boots to someone who is struggling, hoping the gesture will make their difficult walk of life a little bit easier? Well, they’re literally finding that […]
Living Your Passion At Any Age - By Susan Williams Sometimes we may have preconceived ideas about what age people should stop doing certain things. Whether it’s the type of clothing to wear, how to behave or the activities we do – we can often label these things with having an ‘appropriate age’. So I just love it when I find examples of people […]
Who Do You Want To Be? - By Mike Drak My son Doug is in Australia studying to be a doctor and he thought I might find the following story interesting. It’s about George Corones who at the age of 99 broke the world swimming record at the Commonwealth Games trials on the Gold Coast and boy does he ever look happy! […]
Pushing Your Limits As You Age - When was the last time you pushed yourself? You know, tried to do something completely different? Well here’s a great story of how one woman did just that. In retirement, Julia discovered that she really didn’t have any particular plan and found herself bored, lonely and struggling without any particular direction. Having previously been a […]