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Welcome to Your Power Years Ladies! - Your kids are grown and your responsibilities around the home have started to reduce. Now unburdened by previous family responsibilities, many women over fifty are rediscovering their own passions and interests. Welcome to your Power Years ladies!
Busting Aging Stereotypes – We Are Not a Punchline - When you think of the word old – what is the first thing you think of? Worn down, out of date, no longer relevant maybe? Well – it’s time that we rethink this and break away from some of the stereotypes that we often label others and ourselves with and start coming up with some […]
Want To Be Happier – Look Inside Not Out - In Canada, we tend to be a pretty happy group. Based on a global world happiness survey, Canada ranked 6th in the world – just behind Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Poland. That’s pretty impressive. But do you sometimes still feel like you might be happier if you could just achieve or acquire that next thing? […]
Lessons From A 60 Year Overnight Success - Very often we hear about people who become an overnight success. But so many times these overnight successes were actually a long time in the making. Take Deshun Wang for example. He was discovered as a model on the fashion runway of the 2015 China Fashion Week at the age of 79. The following video […]
What Is Your Passion? - Sometimes we may have preconceived ideas about what age people should stop doing certain things. Whether it’s the type of clothing to wear, how to behave or the activities we do – we can often label these with having an ‘appropriate age’ attached to them. Here are some examples of people that are breaking away from these […]
We Are All Connected - It is so hard to watch people throw insults at each other because of differing views. Whether it’s hurting each other with words or with force, so often it’s for no other reason then to attack someone because of their different beliefs or views. Someone shared with me the following video which I thought did […]