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Most Important Life Lessons On Aging From Tuesdays With Morrie - Given Morrie Schwartz's life-long preoccupation with helping his students prepare for their future, Mitch Albom spent one Tuesday with Morrie that was devoted to aging. In our second post on the book Tuesdays With Morrie, we share some of the top life lessons Morrie shared.
Lessons Learned: The Story Behind the Classic Book Tuesdays With Morrie - Tuesdays with Morrie is recognized as one of the most popular books on how to live your life with understanding and face your death with dignity. Dave Price recounts what Albom and Koppel had to say about their experiences with Morrie, his advice, and the book itself.
Does Life Have An Expiry Date? Charles Eugster Didn’t Think So - Are you a runner? Well, Charles Eugster wasn’t. But at the age of 95 he decided to take it up – and was still at it at the age of 97. In fact he became the sprinting world record holder for men 95+. Charles passed away in April, 2017 but left some very valuable lessons […]
Stepping Outside Our Boxes to Bust Down Stereotypes - So often, we can put people in boxes based on some preconceived stereotype we might believe. Age, religion, gender, money, race – all can contribute to our thoughts and opinions about another person without us even knowing them. But what if we took off these labels and saw each other from a more human experience […]
Go On – Take the Detour - By Melissa Davey Many people have asked me how I made the decision to leave my decades longĀ corporate careerĀ and jump into to something so completely different, especially at my age. The answer is, I took a detour one day and it led me to where I am right now. I had been to a particularly […]
The Positive Side of Aging – It’s Only Up From Here - Aging – it’s a term that is so often associated with negative perceptions. Words like decrepit, cranky, senile, over the hill – are words that are just filled with negativity. Even the term anti-aging is negative. The prefix anti actually means “opposed to, or against”. So with so much negative thinking and words associated with […]