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The Positive Side of Aging – It’s Only Up From Here - Aging – it’s a term that is so often associated with negative perceptions. Words like decrepit, cranky, senile, over the hill – are words that are just filled with negativity. Even the term anti-aging is negative. The prefix anti actually means “opposed to, or against”. So with so much negative thinking and words associated with […]
Similar Traits At The Heart of Success - What makes some people more successful than others? Is it their background? Their education? Their drive? Or just luck?? Well, as it turns out there are some similarities that successful people share. Here are the 8 traits that are at the heart of their success.
Some Words of Wisdom – Quotes That Inspire - Don’t you just love a good quote? For some reason, these tidbits of knowledge can sometimes trigger a significant change. Whether it’s getting the courage to try something new, gaining a new perspective or just causing you to slow down and think before taking action – these short statements of can often cause something positive […]
Welcome to Your Power Years Ladies! - Your kids are grown and your responsibilities around the home have started to reduce. Now unburdened by previous family responsibilities, many women over fifty are rediscovering their own passions and interests. Welcome to your Power Years ladies!
Busting Aging Stereotypes – We Are Not a Punchline - When you think of the word old – what is the first thing you think of? Worn down, out of date, no longer relevant maybe? Well – it’s time that we rethink this and break away from some of the stereotypes that we often label others and ourselves with and start coming up with some […]
Want To Be Happier – Look Inside Not Out - In Canada, we tend to be a pretty happy group. Based on a global world happiness survey, Canada ranked 6th in the world – just behind¬†Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Poland. That’s pretty impressive. But do you sometimes still feel like you might be happier if you could just achieve or acquire that next thing? […]