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Pain In The Neck?

Pain In The Neck?

By Erin Billowits  

One of the most common areas of pain for my clients is the neck area and upper back. The most common reasons for this include poor posture (chin forward too far), past injuries and overtraining the chest and undertraining the back.


Tips:Stretching Pose

  • Relax your shoulders
  • Find your “sweet spot” where you tend to hold your tension
  • If it hurts you are pulling too hard with the hand that is on your head
  • Do this stretch 3 times everyday





Erin Billowits is the Founder of Vintage Fitness – an organization that specializes in fitness for individuals over the age of 5O.  Erin launched Vintage Fitness in 2005  with a vision to create a team of professionals that understand how to motivate and train people over 50 in a way that is challenging, effective and safe. She has two Biology degrees from the University of Guelph and an MBA from McMaster.   You can reach Erin through her website and also follow her on Twitter @VintageFitness1

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