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How To Choose The Perfect Cruise Ship Cabin

How To Choose The Perfect Cruise Ship Cabin

By Paul Marshman  

Cruising is great fun, but there are a few things that can affect how much you enjoy every cruise you take. One of those is your cabin. While it’s not enough to make or break your trip, choosing the right cabin can help make your cruise convenient and comfortable, while taking the wrong one can do just the opposite.

Everyone who cruises has a personal style. Some cruisers need the VIP suite, others can’t live without a balcony, and  others, like me, just want a cabin that’s good value for our cruising money. But beyond those basic choices, there are finer points to choosing a cabin that can have a big effect on your life on board.

Here are five tips on choosing a cabin that offers the best value while avoiding some of the worst annoyances:

Save some steps: You know which parts of the ship you frequent most: the dining rooms or the buffet restaurant, the atrium or the pool. Whatever you favour, it makes sense to choose a cabin that’s fairly close so you don’t have to do a long trek three or four times a day.Norwegian sun cabin

Forward or aft? Some people swear by forward cabins, but more seem to prefer being near the stern, if only because it`s nearer the buffet. If you’re prone to seasickness or just sensitive to the movement of the ship in rough seas, the best place is near the centre of the ship, and on the lower decks.

Avoid the noise: The cabin you’ve booked may seem just fine — until midnight arrives and you can’t sleep because of the noise from the bar, casino, or restaurant downstairs. I make a habit of staying at least two decks above or below busy common areas, or in a different part of the ship.

Look for value upgrades: While the cabin of your choice may be a good deal, take a close look at what else is available. In some cases, you can find better cabins for not much more money: for example, a family cabin may offer much more room for only a few extra dollars.

Try something special: If you`re looking for something a little different, there are cabins on some ships that offer special features. For example, some cruise lines, including Costa, Celebrity, Carnival and Holland America, offer spa cabins that come with special toiletries, robes and free access to the ship’s nearby spa.

The best source I’ve found for the secrets of cruise ship cabins is Cruise Critic, which has detailed reviews of ships and cruise lines across the industry. These include reports from thousands of cruisers who’ve actually been on the ships — they’re a great resource.

Finally, when booking your trip, it’s worthwhile working with an experienced travel agent who specializes in cruises. He or she may know the details of the ship you’re booking, and a few tricks to get you the best cabin at the best price.

Paul Marshman is a Travel Blogging Specialist.  Being both a Boomer and a world traveler himself, Paul shares travel tips and stories on his popular blog – The Travelling Boomer. You can also follow Paul on Twitter at @Travel_Boomer.

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Paul Marshman is a writer, photographer and traveler living in Toronto, Canada. Paul is semi-retired from a 30-year career as a reporter, editor and photographer on Canadian newspapers and magazines where his travels have taken him to 50 countries. Paul’s articles have been published everywhere from the Toronto Star to Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel and Paul now shares travel tips and stories on his popular blog – The Travelling Boomer.

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