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Surprise – Exercise May Only Go So Far For Weight Loss

Surprise – Exercise May Only Go So Far For Weight Loss

Did you always believe that calories in versus calories out was what determined whether you lose weight or not?

Some recent research is finding out this may not be the case.

In an article published by CBC News, they reported that researchers measured the energy expended and activity levels of 300 people in 5 different countries over the course of a week. What the researchers discovered was that the number of calories that were burned by the participants hit a plateau.

The lead author for the research stated that it was almost like the body decides how much it will burn. This is why people may see weight loss in the short term but then it stops.

Even though this may happen, he also points out that exercise is important for our hearts, mental health and immune system health so this study should not change our views or opinions of the fact we need to exercise.

Here’s more details about the study and the findings;

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