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Both Heart Warming and Heart Wrenching – Gift For 89 Year Old Man

Both Heart Warming and Heart Wrenching – Gift For 89 Year Old Man

By Susan Williams

The following story is both heart warming and heart wrenching all at the same time.

Darlin Newey is 89 years old and delivers pizza. He was recently given a gift of $12,000 by some kind hearted people as a result of a TikTok campaign they had launched to help support him. As you watch the story unfold, you can just see how meaningful this financial gift was to this gentleman.

What I find so sad however is that this man at 89 years old had to continue working  30 hours a week just to pay his bills. Unlike others who may still be working because they wanted to, he was actually working as he could just not pay his bills living on social security alone.

This story made me wonder how many other people are going to find themselves in this same situation.

An article in Forbes entitled Is It Possible To Live On Social Security Alone? shared that one in three older workers have zero in retirement savings. The author further added;

“It may be possible to live on Social Security—but not if you want to maintain some semblance of the quality of life you had before.”

So as we celebrate and applaud the generosity of the people that helped Darlin, this story serves as a stark reminder. There are many, many other people like him that likely have no support. This situation also forces us to ask the question, who will help them?