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What Is Sarcopenia – And What Can You Do About It? - By Susan Williams Do you know what sarcopenia is? If you're aging (which means all of us) it's something that will eventually impact us. Dr. Rhonda Collins joined us to help us understand what sarcopenia is and what we can possibly do to delay it.
Research: Meditation Is Improving Lives of Older People - By Susan Williams If you're ever feeling anxious or depressed, have you tried meditation? An interesting study has found that if you do, this may really help. Plus there are other benefits for older adults too.
Men – Let’s Talk About Your Mental Health - By Dave Price A multitude of current studies indicate it is extremely difficult for many people, especially men, to reach out and seek help for mental disorders. Obviously, if help isn’t sought, such illnesses can’t be controlled or cured. That's why we need to talk about this.
New Year’s Resolutions – Should We Even Bother? - By Susan Williams There is something sort of intoxicating about the thought of starting a New Year. Whether it’s the opening of a new calendar that isn’t cluttered already with commitments or the idea that you can close the book on the past year and have a brand new one waiting for you that is […]
Managing Your Meds: What To Be Aware of When Discontinuing Medications - By Susan Williams Sometimes medications may no longer be required or should be possibly discontinued, however there are appropriate ways to approach this. In this Managing Your Meds segment, we discuss with Dr. Rhonda Collins, what to be aware of when discontinuing medications.
Managing Your Meds: What To Be Aware of When Taking Medications - By Susan Williams Understanding and being actively involved in managing medications is extremely important. In our second segment of our Managing Your Meds series, Dr. Rhonda Collins joins us to discuss what to be aware of when taking medications.