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Volunteering – Your Brain Will Thank You For It - When you volunteer, you trigger a wave of positivity. Not only for the benefit of the people that you are volunteering for but also for yourself. There was already a great deal of research that helping others was good for your physical and mental health. And now some new research is confirming that the good […]
Growing More Than Just Vegetables - Spring is now in full swing! It’s that wonderful time of year when we shift our thinking from the cold of winter to the warm promise of the summer to come. It’s also the time of year that we start to take a good look at our gardens. A few years back, we planted a […]
Will Your Personality Change in Retirement? - By Joe Casey While passing by and seeing this title, my wife commented, “Let’s hope so.” Oh, well.Our personalities were previously thought to develop early in life through childhood, adolescence and early adulthood and then remain fairly static. Now it appears that certain aspects of personality evolve later in life.
The Cool Mix of Dancing, Seniors and Technology - Exercise – it’s such a well documented benefit to positive aging. And to help support seniors in getting some exercise, a pilot project was launched with Canada’s National Ballet School. Through the use of live video technology, dance classes were filmed and streamed to the small town of Ennismore in Ontario, Canada. The intention of […]
Why Knowing Your Ikigai Is So Important in Retirement - By Susan Williams Do you know what your ikigai is? Find out why knowing what this is can be so important in your life - especially when it comes to retirement and aging.
The Perils of Aging for Men - By Dave Price New studies and reports are indicating that many men are having a particularly tough time with aging, especially from age 50 to 80. Confronted with all these findings, it is evident that men are facing serious problems as they move further into this brave new world of increasing longevity.