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The Talk Seniors Need To Have With Doctors Before Surgery - By Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News Older patients often have different priorities than younger ones. More than longevity, in many cases, they value their ability to live independently and spend quality time with loved ones. This is why it's so important to discuss your thoughts before surgery.
Neuroplasticity And The Aging Brain - By Susan Williams Are you worried about your brain health as you age? If you are, you are definitely not alone. The University of Michigan conducted some research that discovered that of the people in their 50’s and 60’s,  “..nearly half of respondents to the National Poll on Healthy Aging felt they were likely to develop dementia as […]
Getting In Shape For Surgery - By Susan Williams If you’re preparing for surgery chances are you may be concerned about how the surgery will go and how long your recovery will be. Will there be complications? How long will it take before you can get back to your regular routines? What if there was a way to speed up this […]
The Implications Of Longevity – Some Things To Know - By Susan Williams The world is aging and the implications of this increased longevity will undoubtedly bring both challenges and opportunities. To help us better understand this, we spoke with Michael Nuschke to learn more.
An Aging Population: Two Industries Destined For Disruption - By Susan Williams If you’ve been reading the media lately, it’s hard not to realize that the population of the world is aging. With the largest demographic of baby boomers now aged between 55 and 75 and about 72 million strong in the US and around 9.6 million in Canada, one thing is for sure the […]
Discovering The Secrets To A Long Life - By Susan Williams In the Italian village of Acciaroli they have something quite unusual happening. In this town, 1 out over every 10 residents is more than 100 years old. What is the secret to their longevity? Well, scientists have been studying this to see what we can learn from them. In the following video […]