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Why Knowing Your Ikigai Is So Important in Retirement - By Susan Williams Do you know what your ikigai is? Find out why knowing what this is can be so important in your life - especially when it comes to retirement and aging.
The Perils of Aging for Men - By Dave Price New studies and reports are indicating that many men are having a particularly tough time with aging, especially from age 50 to 80. Confronted with all these findings, it is evident that men are facing serious problems as they move further into this brave new world of increasing longevity.
4 Great Grocery Tips For More Money, Time and Health - By Sheryl Rothert Everyone would like a little extra money in their pockets. What if I told you that you could possibly save $50 to $200 a month and also get healthier in the process. Would you be interested? Well, by just taking a little time and thinking about the food you need for the […]
Why Sunscreen May Be Your Best Wrinkle Defence - We all know (or at least should know) how important it is to wear sunscreen in order to help reduce our risks for skin cancer. But if that alone is not enough incentive for you to wear it, here is even one more reason. Your vanity. In a study published by Dermatologic Surgery, they asked […]
Hearing Loss – A Personal Perspective - By Bart Astor I recall many years ago writing an article about getting a hearing test. I guess I was about 50 or so. I made an appointment with an audiologist so I could go through the actual experience. I’m sure somewhere along the lines you’ve had one of these tests. You know, “Press this […]
Brain Health: Listening to Music is Good But Playing Music is Great! - Do you play an instrument? It turns out that if you do, it’s like doing a full body workout for your brain. When you listen to music, your brain actually pulls the music apart and then puts it back together in a matter of seconds. But when you actually play music, practically every area of […]