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Why a Longer Happy Hour in Retirement is Not A Good Thing - Alcohol. When something good happens we may drink to celebrate. When something bad happens we may drink to drown our sorrows. But it seems that baby boomers are hitting the bottle much harder than ever before and this is creating some significant risks.
How’s Your Gut Health? (And Why It Matters) - By Susan Williams Last week I attended a seminar given by our local university on gut microbiota. During the session, information was shared about all the different types of bacteria that live in our guts and how important a role they play in our overall health and well being. I intuitively knew that my gut […]
The Triple Threats to Healthy and Happy Aging - Have you ever found yourself sitting alone on the couch with absolutely nothing to do? Depending on the time it was in your life - you may have thought this situation was a blessing. But when it comes to aging - these three activities are proving to be quite detrimental to your health if they become a permanent situation.
Eating Crickets – Could This Be The New Beef? - Does the thought of eating crickets for dinner make you a little queasy? If it does, you may want to begin to shift your thinking. Surprisingly, over 80% of the world’s population eat insects. And they have some good reasons. Did you know that; As a protein source, insects have twice as much weight for […]
A Laugh A Day Keeps the Doctor Away - Have you had a good chuckle today? If you haven’t you may want to. Laughter is really good for you and your health – both physically and emotionally. According to the Mayo Clinic, when you have a good laugh, it can result in some pretty good health benefits. Here are just some of the short […]
Leaning Into Grief - By Christine MacMillan Grief is something we would prefer to avoid. We don’t like thinking about it, yet alone talking about it. So why would you want to lean into your grief, and what does that exactly mean? We will, if we have not already, experience grief after the death of a loved one. If […]