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Why Sunscreen May Be Your Best Wrinkle Defence - We all know (or at least should know) how important it is to wear sunscreen in order to help reduce our risks for skin cancer. But if that alone is not enough incentive for you to wear it, here is even one more reason. Your vanity. In a study published by Dermatologic Surgery, they asked […]
Hearing Loss – A Personal Perspective - By Bart Astor I recall many years ago writing an article about getting a hearing test. I guess I was about 50 or so. I made an appointment with an audiologist so I could go through the actual experience. I’m sure somewhere along the lines you’ve had one of these tests. You know, “Press this […]
Brain Health: Listening to Music is Good But Playing Music is Great! - Do you play an instrument? It turns out that if you do, it’s like doing a full body workout for your brain. When you listen to music, your brain actually pulls the music apart and then puts it back together in a matter of seconds. But when you actually play music, practically every area of […]
Alzheimer’s – Walk A Mile In Someone Else’s Shoes - Dementia replaced HIV/AIDS as the number 7 killer on the WHO's list of 10 biggest causes of death. The even scarier part is that there currently is no major new treatments or cure for the disease. So what can we do? Maybe start with understanding.
Living The Anti Aging Pill Called Exercise - Meet Ernestine Shepherd. At the age of 74 she was named the oldest female competitive body builder in Guinness World Records. And what’s amazing is that she didn’t even get started on this journey until she was 56 years old. Ernestine first began exercising when her sister and herself were planning on going to a […]
Need to Boost Your Mood? Turn Up the Music! - The other morning I got into the car.  It was freezing outside and as I sat down on the rock hard seats and started the car a blast of cold air from the vents greeted me.  I began to mutter to myself about how tired I was getting of this freezing weather. I started to […]