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Healthcare in Canada – Now Is The Time For Innovation

Healthcare in Canada – Now Is The Time For Innovation

I happened to read an interesting research report on Canadians perceptions of our healthcare system the other day conducted by Nanos Research on behalf of McKesson Canada. In the report they stated that of 1,000 Canadians surveyed, 51.5% believe that healthcare is better now than it was for their parents however only 26.7% believe that healthcare will be better for their children.

The report went on further to state that of this sample group only 23% believe that the healthcare system is good at introducing innovation and 41% believe that there is a poor or very poor willingness of our healthcare system to introduce innovation. As well, 70% disagreed or somewhat disagreed that putting more money into the healthcare system was more important than trying to find innovative ways to deliver healthcare and 82% believe we should be open to learning from the experiences of other countries.

This report made me stop and think more about our healthcare system in Canada and what I thought this research meant.

I’ve always supported universal healthcare for Canadians. The ability for any Canadian to have access to healthcare is a fundamental belief for me. And it seems I’m not alone. In an online survey of 2,207 Canadians conducted by Leger Marketing, they found that 94% of Canadians believed in universal healthcare.

And this is a good thing.

According to the World Health Organization, at least one billion people suffer each year as they do not have access to the healthcare that they need and approximately 150 million people who do use health services suffer financial catastrophe.

However, I think that just because we have universal healthcare does not necessarily mean that we have the best healthcare services though.

I think that there is a perfect storm brewing in healthcare given the long list of challenges rising in front of us; an aging population, increasing incidence of chronic disease, obesity is on the rise – just to name a few. I think that these demands are going to challenge an already stretched healthcare system to the breaking point if we don’t get in front of some of this by focusing on illness prevention and innovating how our current healthcare services are delivered.

This is what I think Canadians were saying in this latest round of research.

Now is the time for healthcare innovation. As a nation, we can’t just try to keep doing what we have always done and hope for a better outcome.

Now is the time to look to other countries to find out what is working for them and how we might incorporate some of their experience. We need to find new thinkers and leaders in our healthcare system that will help to develop and deliver innovation in healthcare. It’s not a matter of more money, it is a matter of finding better ways to do things and deliver quality healthcare services with the money that we already have.

As Canadians I think we will continue to stand strong in our belief in universal healthcare however I also think we would support improvement and innovation of how our healthcare services are delivered – not only for our own sake but for the benefit of securing universal healthcare for the future generations of Canadians.

What do you think?

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