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Do you want to live to 100?

United Health Group in the United States published a research study in 2012 that set out to explore the centenarian’s secrets to aging success and what boomers would need to change in order to reach 100. A couple of key findings from a health perspective;

  • Both centenarians and boomers (89%) admit to speaking with a friend or a family everyday
  • More centenarians (80%) versus boomers (68%) eat a balanced meal almost daily
  • Boomers seem to be struggling with sleep deprivation. Only 38% get eight hours of sleep a night compared with 70% of centenarians
  • When asked what was most important when aging – mental, physical or emotional health – both the boomers and the centenarians choose physical health however both also agreed that this is the most difficult to maintain.

How would you fare? Are you on track to reach 100? You can read the full study here. (Please note that this is a US study so many of the references are US based).

UnitedHealthcare's Survey: What Can We Learn from One Hundred 100-Year-Olds?

by UnitedHealthcare

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