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Let’s Get Physical

MH900448536Everyone has seen the mounting evidence of the benefits of being physically active. It helps you control your weight, fight disease, improve your mood and boost your energy…. plus so much more.

As we age, this becomes and even more important aspect and can contribute to both the quantity and quality of life that we have. A recent study from the US National Cancer Institute suggests that by just increasing your exercise  can add years to your life. (see the full article here).

So really, how much exercise should you be getting? Based on the Canadian Physical Activity guidelines, adults 18 to 64 should accumulate 150 minutes a week in moderate to physical aerobic activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more plus add some muscle strengthening twice a week. As for those over the age of 64, the same amount is recommended however should you have poor mobility, you should also ensure that you engage in exercises that will also improve balance and reduce falls.

When you think about it – could you not find 21 minutes spread out across your day if you were able to get all the positive benefits in your life? At the end of the day, each of us chooses our own lifestyle however we need to remember that our choices do have implications to others – especially our families.

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