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Cool Tools


There are many different health assessments and tools available on the internet.  Here are just a few that you might want to check out;

  • The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation has developed a number of different health assessment etools designed to help you decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. You can access their tools here on the Heart & Stroke Foundation website.
  • Interested in designing your own food guide?  You can customize and create your own Canadian food guide online. This tool walks you through the different recommended nutritional requirements and allows you to select your own examples. You can access the guide here.
  • Harvard Health Publications has developed a symptom checker.  Here is the link to this online tool.
  • How well are you aging? These following 4 simple tests may give you an indication.

Please remember that all these assessments and tools are for informational purposes only and should never replace consulting with your physician.