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Granny Pods – Could This Be A Solution for Aging in Place?

Granny Pods – Could This Be A Solution for Aging in Place?

Have you heard of a “Granny Pod”?

Granny pods are typically a pre-built structure that has been specifically designed to support aging in place. It is usually constructed on a family member or caregiver’s property.

Often installed as a temporary building, granny pods are usually small homes that offer special aging features such as wider doorways, walk in showers, slip resistant floors. Some may even contain special medical technologies such as alert systems or medical tracking devices.

The beauty of these homes is that it can offer an independent living option while still remaining in close proximity to support if needed.

But before you think about either setting one up for your elderly parents or hitting your kids up for a piece of their backyard to set up your own granny pod, there are some things that you might also want to consider…;

Zoning By-Laws

Every city has their own zoning by-laws as to what can / cannot be added to a home. Depending on the size of the structure, building permits will more than likely be required before building anything on someone’s property.


As much as these may be “little” homes, they often don’t come with a little price. In the video below, a few examples show you just how much these homes may cost. As well, there may be increased taxes and utility costs as a result of adding another home to the property.


Even though you might want to live close to your family, some neighbours might not feel the same. You may be taking away their lovely view of grass and trees and replacing it with a view of a wall and a roof. They might not be as excited about the prospect of a granny pod as you are.

Health Concerns

Although living independently while still remaining close to support is the objective of a granny pod, if anyone requires special health services or ongoing attention,┬áliving in a granny pod doesn’t solution this. Care is still necessary to ensure safety.

As much as there might be some challenges, there are also some great benefits. Staying close to family, remaining independent, being able to stay in one place for a longer period of time as you age are just a few things.

Interested in learning more? Here are a couple of videos to help:

This video is a report on the idea of granny pods and interviews a woman who is currently living in one.

Want to actually see what a granny pod looks like? Here are 3 different designs;

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