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Gotta Minute – Why Not Meditate?

Gotta Minute – Why Not Meditate?

Do you meditate?

With so much research now available about the  benefits of meditation,  it’s hard to continue to deny the value it could bring to your life.

In a recent article written titled The Many Benefits of Meditation for Older Adults published in US News, they shared that for older people;

Meditation is associated with many psychological and physical benefits. “In general, it’s been shown to decrease blood pressure and inflammation. And there’s some data around improving coronary artery disease outcomes and helping with post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain and headaches,”

But many people are still not embracing the practice.

In the US, it was reported that only 8% of people practice meditation. There are many reasons that people don’t meditate –  reasons such as believing it’s a new age fad to just the inability to quiet their mind – it can be challenging for some people to embrace this idea.

But could you find a minute?

A minute is not very long (it’s only 60 seconds of your life) so it’s not a major commitment. But if this one minute could calm your mind, reduce your stress and help you relax would you do it? 

The following video takes you through a minute of meditation… and even how to transform that minute into a meditation moment throughout the day.

Why not give it a try – all you have to lose is a minute but could possibly gain some really positive benefits.

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