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Friendships – Are They A Key to Happy and Healthy Aging?

Friendships – Are They A Key to Happy and Healthy Aging?

How many friends do you have?  Not acquaintances – but real friends?

It turns out that this could be a critical question that could contribute to your overall health and happiness.

And these friendships become even more important as we age. Some recent studies discovered that friendships were even a stronger predictor of health and happiness than even relationships with family.

In the following video clip from The Today Show, Joan Lunden and a close friend become research subjects to test this theory of the value of friendships. What they discover is quite interesting. Here’s the clip:

Beyond the results of the experiment, here are just a few of the additional findings the researchers in the clip shared related to social connections and friendships;

  • People with a large network of friends tend to live longer, are less likely to have a stroke or heart attack and keep their memories longer.
  • A lack of social connection can cause as much harm as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and that lonliness could be a health risk that even outweighs obesity.

So, if you’re not surrounded by some good friends now, you may want to find some.

Not only are they fun to have around – they are great for your health and happiness too!

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