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Boomer Jobsearch: How To Overcome 3 Hiring Roadblocks - By Mary Eileen Williams As a post-50 job-seeker, you know all too well that ageism presents some major barriers to your success. Yet by recognizing the negative preconceptions you are likely to face and preparing ways to address these obstacles, you can shift their focus to highlight your strengths.
Boomer Career Reinvention: Reframing Your Past In Order to Move Forward - When we hear the word reinvention, we often think it means to completely start over or to go in a totally different direction. But when it comes to career reinvention – this isn’t necessarily the case. Author John Tarnoff shares why.
Generational Divide in the Workplace: Fact or Fiction - By Gillian Leithman Some call it the generational divide while others refer to it as the generational chasm. Whatever you call today’s multigenerational workforce, chances are you are focused on our generational differences. But are there actually more similarites then you think?
3 Tips To Help You Find the Work You Really Want - By Mary Eileen Williams Are you an older job-seeker who is currently looking for work? A post-midlife job search can bring rewards if you take the time to review your needs and wants, consider your options and follow your inner guidance to a fulfilling new job.
Baby Boomers and The Rise of the Grudge Workforce - Here’s a new term for you – the grudge workforce. Have you heard of it before? I discovered it when I happened to run across a research report published by Suncorp in Australia. They coined the phrase grudge workforce in reference to the time gap for baby boomers from when they wanted to retire versus […]
The Two Most Important Job Interview Impressions You Can Leave - By Mary Eileen Williams You are gearing up for a much anticipated job interview. In order to do your best, you want to be well prepared and are going through a list of questions in your head… Which aspects of my background make me the right person for the job? How can I best relate […]