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Encore Careers

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The Pros and Cons of Being A Globe-Trotting Freelance Writer - By Kevin Casey Being a wandering writer is an incredibly rewarding experience but like any life choice, it comes with its ups and downs. Here are just some of the pros and cons of being a nomadic writer out in the real world.
Reinventing Your Career in Your 50’s and 60’s - By Gary Foreman Although he began serving food out of his gas station twenty years earlier, it wasn’t until his 60’s that Harlan Sanders began franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken. While it might have been unusual to think of reinventing yourself in 1955, today many people in their 50s and 60s are taking on new career […]
Older Workers Watch Your Head – Breaking Through the Gray Ceiling - By Susan Williams Chances are you have heard of the glass ceiling - but are you familiar with the term gray ceiling? With age discrimination happening in the workplace this unfortunately is a reality for many older workers.
Rediscovering Passion In An Encore Career - When you’re looking down the barrel of a possible three or four decade long retirement, sitting around doing nothing all day will definitely not sustain you. So what should you do? Well, here are some great examples of how some people are reinventing themselves in their encore careers. From wine maker, marijuana grower to music […]
Secrets to Thriving at Work During Late Career - By Maritha Peens Indications are that older workers may want to extend their careers and delay retirement, which raises the question as to the kind of late careers they will experience. One perspective is that older workers just maintain their careers or disengage during late career. However another view is a late career in which […]
When Baby Boomers Retire From Work – Productivity May Go Too - There has always been the expectation that when baby boomers retire there would be a significant economic impact. From spending less to the impact on the stock markets are often the areas of focus. But what about the impact to the productivity of the companies that they leave behind?