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3 Interview Tips To Help Give You the Edge - By Mary Eileen Williams Job applicants of maturity face extra challenges when they interview and these can create a number of questions and concerns. In fact, if you have an interview coming up, you may well be asking yourself the following: Will I be perceived as old, disinterested and lacking energy? Am I going to […]
Baby Boomer Entrepreneur: When Passion Meets Experience - Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur? If you are – you’re not alone. According to data from the Kauffman Foundation, baby boomers are twice as likely to launch a business as are millennials. Paul Tasner became an entrepreneur when he was 66 years old. After being fired from his job at the age of […]
The Changing Aging Face of the Workforce - By Susan Williams When Booming Encore first launched, one of the early posts that was shared concerned some of the challenges that people over 50 may have in finding work. At that time, ageism was running rampant and anyone over the age of 50 was often considered out of date, redundant and often just “past it”. […]
Are You Ready to Play in the “Gig Economy” in Your Retirement? - By Joe Casey Retirement is clearly changing. For decades in the U.S., it was commonly seen as a period of leisure following a long career. But today, work is playing a larger role in retirement. And it is for a variety of reasons, some driven by economics and some by the pursuit of satisfaction – or a […]
Baby Boomer Job Search: Lost In Cyberspace - By Mary Eileen Williams One of the best ways to find work quickly is to avoid one of the biggest time-wasters that may well be sabotaging your efforts. Take a moment to ask yourself this question…. Are you lost in cyberspace? Studies show that, despite all of the job boards and websites, a minimum of […]
Sparking Up a Stalled Job Search - By Mary Eileen Williams Has your job search stalled? If you are like millions of middle-aged jobseekers, you have been out there for awhile and have likely run into your share of unforeseen roadblocks and discouraging near misses. According to figures cited by the AARP Public Policy Institute, most mature applicants can figure on about […]