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Some Emerging Retirement Trends

Some Emerging Retirement Trends

We’ve heard it repeated time and time again – the face of retirement is changing.

Living longer, financial need, wanting to stay socially connected – these are just some of the reasons for these shifts.

But what exactly is changing in retirement?

The following video from Yahoo highlights some of the retirement trends that are now underway.

Welcome to the gig economy boomers

Boomers are not retiring – at least not in the traditional sense.

According to the AARP, 2/3rds of boomers are planning on working past the typical retirement age.

But what is most interesting is how they are working.

Many are taking on jobs they have never done before and even participating in the “gig” economy. Drivers for Uber, renting their homes on Airbnb are all examples of the types of things they are getting into. Also, jobs that allow them flexible schedules are also very much in demand at this time of life.

Relocating in retirement – not so much…

The days of retiring and packing up and moving to Florida now seems to be a thing of the past. More people want to stay in their current homes and communities and are now opting to update their homes with more safety features to allow them to do this and be able to age in place.

Travel yes – but there are some conditions

Baby boomers still want to travel but it’s a different type of travel experience they are looking for.

Travel is expensive and boomers realize this. So when they do travel, they want to make sure that it’s going to be a valuable experience. They are looking to go to unique places or plan trips that allows them to take the entire family. They are wanting to have travel experiences and create memories that are not just run of the mill.

These are just some of the changes underway in the world of retirement. Who knows, maybe at some point we will actually start to call retirement something else because it won’t be retirement at all!

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