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Eating Crickets – Could This Be The New Beef?

Eating Crickets – Could This Be The New Beef?

Does the thought of eating crickets for dinner make you a little queasy?

If it does, you may want to begin to shift your thinking.

Surprisingly, over 80% of the world’s population eat insects. And they have some good reasons.

Did you know that;

  • As a protein source, insects have twice as much weight for weight and about 30 times more B12 vitamins than beef
  • There are lots of insects. Of the 1.1M that scientists have identified, 1,700 are edible
  • Raising insects requires much less water and energy when compared with traditional livestock and also emit a fraction of greenhouse gases

Here’s more about how these powerhouses of protein are being adapted to fit into our daily diet in North America.

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