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Could This Be An Early Way to Diagnose Dementia?

Could This Be An Early Way to Diagnose Dementia?

Dementia – is a devastating syndrome that deteriorates a person’s memory, thinking and behaviour. It not only affects the individual but their family and friends as well.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently an estimated  47.5 million people suffering with dementia. It’s estimated another 7.7 million new cases will be diagnosed every year.

Even though there may not be a cure yet to reverse dementia, it is important to be diagnosed early.

The Alzheimer’s Association states that by getting an early diagnosis you have;

  • A better chance of benefiting from treatment
  • More time to plan for the future
  • Lessened anxieties about unknown problems
  • Increased chances of participating in clinical drug trials, helping advance research
  • An opportunity to participate in decisions about care, transportation, living options, financial and legal matters
  • Time to develop a relationship with doctors and care partners
  • Benefit from care and support services, making it easier for them and their family to manage the disease.

Recently, a Canadian researcher is proposing a new way to diagnose dementia at it’s very earliest stages by using a questionnaire that assesses small changes in behaviour.

It is believed that these changes in behaviour are often dismissed as signs of aging but may in fact be the earliest symptoms of dementia.

Here is the CTV News report on this 34 question checklist;

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