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Downsizing: What To Do With All Your Stuff

Downsizing: What To Do With All Your Stuff

Chances are if you’re downsizing you have lots of stuff to get rid of.

So what do you do with all your things?

Where do you even start?

The following video featuring Colette Robicheau, a professional organizer, shares some tips on how to approach dealing with all your things if you are planning on downsizing;

Here are some of the highlights of her tips;

Determine your new lifestyle.

In your new home, how do you plan to live. Will you go out more and cook less? Will you entertain as much or go to other people’s homes more?

Your new lifestyle will determine how the things you own now will transition to your new home.

Get rid of any duplicates.

Do you have a small food chopper, food processor and a blender? Will you really need all three? Remember you won’t have the storage space that you have right now so some choices will need to be made.

Figure out what is really valuable and important to you.

As they say “you can’t take it with you” – and this also applies to downsizing. Not everything can go with you. So you will need to make some tough choices as to what is really valuable and important to you versus nice to have.

Offer some of the pieces you have to family and friends.

Just because you can’t enjoy some of your items in your new space, your family and friends might. Why not offer some of your favourite pieces to them?

Identify what can be sold.

If you can’t take some things with you, you could possibly sell them. Estate sales, online sales or having an indoor garage sale make help you sell and move some of the items you need to get rid of in order to move into your new space.

Live in the reality of the now vs. sometimes.

When downsizing, it can be really challenging to let go of those things that you may “sometimes” use. But you need to live in the space reality of now and only take those things that you will actually use now on a regular basis.

Realize and recognize you just won’t have the same amount of storage space.

You have probably collected many things over the years but in your new home if you’re downsizing, you’re just not going to have the same amount of storage space for all your things.

Downsizing can be a challenging and also an exciting time. You’re getting ready for the next chapter of your life and rather then filling it with things this time, you will be filling it with memories – and fortunately, these don’t take up much space.

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