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Don’t Give Up – Sometimes You Just Need A Tiny Adjustment

Don’t Give Up – Sometimes You Just Need A Tiny Adjustment

By Arlene Taveroff  

During a business workshop I took part in, we were given a 12” x 12” board and some markers, with instructions to draw our present situation on one side of the board and our desired future on the other.

Yippee! I love drawing and went to it immediately. The board was square, so it mattered little to me which way I oriented it. (That turned out to be important later!)

Once we had our drawings done, it was “break through” time: break the board with our bare hands (karate style!), which represented breaking through our limitations and reaching our desired outcome. The animator stressed that it was easy to do as long as we truly believed we could do it. If we couldn’t, it was because we have limiting beliefs holding us back.

OMG, this was cool! One at a time gave our board to the animator. Almost everyone was doing it! OK, my turn… BAM! I crashed into the board and… NOTHING!!! It didn’t break!!! Was I that weak? Or worse still, so unsure of myself that I was letting limiting beliefs stop me?

No worries, said the animator – I could try it again, using a hammer instead of my hand. I did. And again, NOTHING! So now there was this violent conversation going on in my head. My inner gremlin was listening to what the authority figure in the room was saying, and telling me “See, you don’t really believe. I told you you couldn’t do it!” But now there was another side kicking in (my inner strength) saying, “Wait a minute! There’s something not right here – something simple that you’ve missed.”

And then I saw it: the board needed to be turned 90 degrees so I was hitting it with the grain instead of against it! I remembered our instructions had said something about that, but at the time it somehow went over my head completely (I’m not a detail person…). So I turned the board to its proper orientation and SMASH! It split easily!

I not only did it, I overcame a fierce inner gremlin along the way.

So what’s the take home here? There are probably lots (like “listen to instructions”!), but the biggest one for me was that if things in life don’t go flawlessly right away, don’t give up – sometimes a tiny little adjustment is all you need to achieve the breakthrough you’ve been dreaming of.

This post was written by Arlene Taveroff.  Arlene is the Founder of Create A Brand That Rocks which provides services and support to individuals and businesses in the development of their personal and business brands.  Arlene’s varied background includes teaching, research, obtaining a Ph.D. from McGill University, international photography exhibitions, two published books, a personal growth blog that was in the top 1% of traffic worldwide, and even her own TV show that ran for 2 seasons!

You can reach Arlene through her website – Create A Brand That Rocks – and also follow her on Twitter at @ArleneTaveroff

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