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Do You Want To Be Right Or Be Happy?

Do You Want To Be Right Or Be Happy?

The other day I was in a serious debate with my husband about something that quite frankly I can’t even remember was about. I do however recall the thought that jumped into my head after our discussion.

Why was I so intent on being right?

As I look back now, even though I can’t recall what we were talking about I do remember my need to prove my point and make him see things the way that I thought he should see them (interpretation – my way).

Generally I like to consider myself as fairly easy going and open minded yet on occasion I know I can get quite attached to my opinions.

As I thought about this more I couldn’t help but ask myself – what was more important to me – to be right or to be happy?

If it was to be right – I probably should first ask myself why. What’s actually driving my willingness to put aside the feelings of someone else in my quest to be right?  In the end, even if he said I was right and I had “won” – had I really? Would we both be happier or in fact would we both be miserable from the heated discussion we just had?

If it was to be happy – maybe I should have just stopped the debate in the first place, given my opinion, listened to his and let go of my need to be right. We both would have been happier as we wouldn’t have argued and even maybe tried to appreciate each other’s perspective in the process. 

So in retrospect, I think the next time I’ll choose happy.

Maybe insisting on being right in a relationship can in fact actually be wrong.

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